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'81 240 trailing arm bushing replacement...done!

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I bought the poly ones from FCP Groton so I wouldn't have to buy/rent/fabricate
a tool to press out the old ones. These bushings use the old sleeves. I only
needed the ones at the axle. All my other bushings looked pretty good.

What a snap! I thought it would be a tough job. I just drilled some holes in
the rubber, then used a torch to heat them. Right. As soon as the torch
touches the rubber, it ignites. That actually expedites the process. Then as
the rubber loosens/softens, you can use a chisel or screwdriver to just push
the messy stuff out of the sleeve.

I used a 2" wire wheel on an electric drill to finish cleaning out the sleeves.
Since the exhaust is close to the right side bushing, I used a 90-degree angle
drill attachment I got at Harbor Freight for $10 or so.

The bushings I had put in the freezer until I was ready to install them, so
they would be contracted and easier to push in.

They went in easily, and the center steel was a little more difficult to push
in, but the grease that comes with the bushings made it doable.

Now I have no clunk, no driveline vibration, no changing of direction when I
apply or lift off the throttle. Very nice!!

Horsepower is cheaper than therapy.
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