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1987 740 GLE -- Weatherstripping on windshield -- alternatives
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I have found a site that sells used chrome/black weatherstripping off
of Volvos. Has anyone replaced their OEM windshield weatherstripping
with an alternative, like all black rubber and no chrome?

I took off my strips last night because the plastic/rubber was so
damaged I wanted to remove only the rubber and replace it. In the
meantime I destroyed many clips that mount the strips. I know they
slide off, but some were already broken so I removed them all.

So, my choices are:

1) purchase new clips and order used replacement OEM strips

2) purchase new clips and buy just the rubber that can be glued onto
the existing strips

2) Find an all black replacement that will go where the chrome went and
use this instead. Instead of hard chrome with a rubber edge, this would
be soft rubber all around.

Any thoughts?

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OK, the plan dujour is to replace the glass first. I removed all traces
of old rubber from the chrome trim. I bought new clips and will install
the chrome strips and clips over the new glass and then intead of
having rubber will use the sealer from the hardware store specifically
designed for this area. I want to reduce wind noise and keep out water
while not creating an adhesive that will glue the strips to the
chassis. If I glue them, I won't be able to remove them next time.

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