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Re: Idle Surge every 20 seconds in '01 V70 XC

Stephen Henning
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On Sat, 28 Jun 2008, I wrote:

>My '01 V70 XC has a continuing problem where the idle momentarily surges
>every 20 seconds. The surge is a couple hundred RPM. It is disconcerting
>when I am coasting to a stop or braking. The surge causes the car to
>lurch forward. It feels very unsafe. I have gone to the Volvo dealer
>about it and the mechanic says he has the latest computer updates loaded
>and has no idea where to start. It has 106,000 miles and has always
>received scheduled dealer service. This has the low pressure turbo 5
>cylinder engine.

My dealer apparently found the problem. Since he serviced it yesterday,
the problem has gone away. The problem seemed to only occur when the
A/C was turned on leading one to believe it might be the compressor. He
thought it might be the A/C compressor clutch, but went ahead and did
ETM service and the ETM service cleared it up. Apparently there are
different levels of ETM service. The first time they say they do the
software update. The second time (which this was) they thoroughly clean
the Electronic Throttle Module and replace a couple minor parts. That
was what they did and the problem is gone. The dealer always notes on
my work orders any extended warranties. The V70 has two: the fuel pump
and the ETM. The service was free.
Cheers, Steve Henning in Reading, PA, USA
Owned '67,'68,'71,'74,'79,'81,'87,'93,'95 & '01 Volvos.
The '67,'74,'79,'87,'95 and '01 through European Delivery.
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