1990 Volvo 780 Bertone Turbo Coupe - For Sale

Discussion in 'Volvo 780' started by jporter1000, Nov 26, 2018.

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    Nov 26, 2018
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    This car was purchased new by my mother. Garaged and well maintained its whole life. She gave it to me when she stopped driving in 2017. Unfortunately, I put it on the road for my son to drive and four weeks later he had an accident, damaging the front of the car - hood, right quarter panel, right headlight and corner light, grill, bumper, and various plastics, fittings, etc. See pics.

    Except for the accident damage this car is in great condition. The only rust is on the driver side pillar post (see pic). Otherwise, the car is rust free. The interior is leather and in very good condition. Some minor surface wear on the driver seat but otherwise in excellent condition. Carpet is in good condition throughout including the trunk. Includes original spare tire, jack, tools and roadside kit. The glove box doesn't want to stay closed but I suspect a little adjustment would fix that. I picked up the parts after the accident. Some of them may be salvageable.

    The only original things missing are the stereo and original speakers, vanity mirrors (dried out and deteriorated), and the molding around the rear wheel wells. I uploaded a few pics. I can provide more for anyone interested.

    Asking $1,000.

    I'm located in Fairfield County, CT, USA. IMG_20181125_114723.jpg IMG_20181125_130719_1.jpg IMG_20181125_115050.jpg IMG_20181125_115300.jpg

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