1991 Volvo 240 - Completely redone!

Discussion in 'Volvo Parts For Sale / Trade' started by wahaynes, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. wahaynes


    Oct 28, 2019
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    I am new to this Forum for posting anything; although you have been an invaluable resource for all the little things that I "just could not figure out on my own" while I was redoing my 240.

    I have made the decision to sell it.

    It is now complete and a fantastic 240, with my project being done....although they are never really done, are they?!

    The easiest way to show the car, I think is to just provide you the link to my Craigslist ad - it has all the info, all the pictures.


    I am hoping to find a good home for this 240.

    Thank you for looking.
    wahaynes, Oct 28, 2019
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