1996 850 220K-Keep or Sell?

Discussion in 'Volvo 850' started by Midsum9103, Jul 20, 2012.

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    Jul 20, 2012
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    Thanks in advance for any wisdom you can pass my way:

    My mother purchased a new car and gave me her 1996 Volvo 850 wagon with 220,729 miles. She has completed all suggested maintenance on the car, a summary of which I have included below. She seems to have spent quite a bit in repair costs on the car, and it appears to be due for a new timing belt soon.I live in New England (snow), currently have a limited income and two children, ages two and six months. Here is my dilemma: Do I keep the Volvo, since in theory since she has repaired so much it is potentially in good shape, is a relatively safe car for such an old one, and it is a known entity, or, try to purchase a 1996-98 Toyota with the money from selling this car with mileage closer to 130,000 which might last longer with much lower repair costs. I realize that this is a Volvo forum, and I love Volvo's (my first car was a 240 station wagon) however, right now my priority has to be on a reliable car with the lowest repair costs. Thoughts?

    -Oil change
    -A/C re-charge
    -Tire rotation
    -New serpentine belt
    -New coolant resevoir
    -Flushed transmission fluid
    -Replaced upper right strut mount
    -Replaced coolant resevoir
    -Replaced clamp on lower radiator hose

    -Replaced rear muffler assembly
    -Tailgate panel replaced
    -Replaced trigger wire from starter, rust on rotors
    -Replaced mass air flow sensor
    -Replaced cap, rotor, wires with plugs
    -New timing belt, idler pulley tensioner
    -Replaced odometer

    -4 new Hankook tires and alignemtn 157,899 miles
    -New fuel cap riveted
    -Replaced front sway bar links

    -New radiator

    -New battery

    -Rear brake rotors and pads

    -Replaced thermostat
    -Replaced timing belt

    -Transmission flued
    -Front brake pads/rotors

    -New battery
    -100k service
    -110k service
    -Air pump replaced
    -Splash guard replaced
    -Coolant temp sensor replaced

    Serviced at:
    45,000 miles
    50,000 miles
    70,000 miles
    60,000 miles
    65,000 miles
    75,000 miles
    100,000 miles
    110,000 miles
    Midsum9103, Jul 20, 2012
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