2006 S60 2.5T MPG

Discussion in 'Volvo S60' started by traderfjp, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. traderfjp

    traderfjp Guest

    My new Volvo is only on the second tank but I'm barely getting 22MPG
    with 75% hwy and the rest city. Does the engine have to break in first
    or is this about right? I drive about 72MPH on the highway. Thanks in
    traderfjp, Jun 12, 2006
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  2. traderfjp

    byrocat Guest

    That may be part of the problem (the 72 MPH comment). Back off on the
    right foot a bit.

    I drive a V40, and right from the get-go, I'll have about a 20% better
    fuel mileage than you will, all other things being equal (4 cyl versus
    5 cyl)

    Read the on-line stuff about how driving habits affect gas mileage.

    Smooth/steady driving, no sudden accelerations or starts, no excessive
    idling. Maintain the car (oil, fluids, filters, washing, cleaning.....)

    Of course, you didn't say which engine you got in the car -- bigger
    engine means worse fuel mileage. Also, are you running in economy or
    sport mode? Which fuel type -- regular or high-test?
    byrocat, Jun 13, 2006
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  3. traderfjp

    pkallis Guest

    I had the same experience with a 2005 2.5T. I now have about 16,600
    miles on the car and the mileage has increased to almost 24 mpg, with
    about the same mix of driving. My speed selection is a bit higher,
    though; it's in the low 80s, as that's the speed I'm most comfortable
    with, with occasional bursts of 90+, as required.

    One thing I've learned, despite protestations of "experts": it's better
    to accelerate briskly to speed and then back off on the throttle. This
    gives you better mileage because you're at higher power settings for a
    lower amount of time. I learned this in the transit industry, where it's
    more energy efficient to accelerate a train to maximum running speed
    quickly and then immediately go to the power setting necessary to
    maintain speed.

    I use the mid-grade fuel of 89 octane, with no ill effects.

    Also, I understand that the transmission has a "learning mode" feature,
    which adjusts shift points, based on your driving style.

    Good luck with your S60. I love mine and would consider another one in a
    heartbeat. I let people drive mine and unanimously, people say the car
    "glides" and are favorably impressed.
    pkallis, Jun 13, 2006
  4. traderfjp

    traderfjp Guest

    24mpg in mixed driving is not too bad. I checked my mileage tonight
    and was at 20 with about 50/50 city/hwy mileage.

    I, however, love my car in just about everyway. Even the stock stereo
    is very good which surprised me. The S60 is not given the respect it
    deserves from reviewers. There are only 2 things that I'm not thrilled
    about. First is the mileage and the second thing is the size of the
    remote/key. It's like a small cell phone.

    Things I like:
    Styling, acceleration, exteremly comfortable seats, dash layout,
    quality of buttons, and switches, all the cool options, stereo, dual
    climate control, silky smooth transmission, and so much more. I would
    lease this car again in a second.
    traderfjp, Jun 14, 2006
  5. traderfjp

    pkallis Guest

    I just returned tonight from a 982 mile round trip. The mix of driving
    was about 75% highway and 25% local, which, due to excessive traffic on
    both ends, as well as highway repairs, might even have a slightly higher
    local component.

    While on the highway, I had the cruise control set at 79 mph, with
    occasional bursts up into the 80s, perhaps once at 90. My average
    mileage was 25.6, according to the trip computer.

    I used mid-grade fuel (89 octane) for this trip.
    pkallis, Jun 16, 2006
  6. traderfjp

    traderfjp Guest

    25.6 is actually decent mileage for mixed driving. I seem to be at
    23mpg with about the same mix of driving. My car is still under 500
    miles so I'm hoping that it will improve. In any event this is the
    nicest car I have ever had and the reviewers don't give the S series
    cars the respect they deserve. The only things I really don't like
    about the car is the remote and the back leg room is pretty small. I
    have a 10 year old and very rarely have any adult sin this car so I
    don't really care. The turning radious is a non-issue for me.
    traderfjp, Jun 16, 2006
  7. traderfjp

    hjsjms Guest

    My 2004 V70 with the same 2.5T gets aroung 28mpg on the highway with
    speeds ranging from 65 to 75mph. In town mpg drops to around 22 or so.

    I think the difference between what you and I are are getting in mpg is
    mostly the result of driving style. I consciously attempt to maximize
    mpg on the road by holding a constant if slightly fast speed. In town
    I try to hold a constant speed, minimize rapid acceleration and
    deceleration and use engine braking whenever possible. I'ts kind of a
    game, but I keep the immediate mpg display on and try to keep that
    number as high as possible.
    hjsjms, Jun 16, 2006
  8. I own a 2002 S80 T6. I can drive on the interstate at 55 miles per hour and
    consistently get 34 miles to the gallon.
    Most people would say "what fun is that driving 55 MPH with twin turbos?" I
    say "$3 a gallon fun." I wonder how
    accurate the computer is in determining the miles per gallon.
    Bailey, Joan and Dan, Jun 16, 2006
  9. traderfjp

    traderfjp Guest

    I must be doing something wrong because on my last tank I kept my
    mileage to about 72 mph and used the criuse and still only managed to
    get 23 mpg. Is it possible that my car needs to break in or could it
    be that there is something wrong with my car. I even put in a 1/2 tank
    of 93 ocatane gas and mixed it with 89 octange to see if there was a
    difference but no luck. Any advice.
    traderfjp, Jun 18, 2006
  10. You need to break the engine in, even in modern cars. It needs at least
    5000 miles to get rid of all the rough spots. You'll see consistent
    improvements in mileage with each tank after about 1000 miles.
    Andrew McKenna, Jun 18, 2006
  11. traderfjp

    Joerg Lorenz Guest

    *FACK*! I drive my 5th Volvo now and I bought them all factory new. It
    took at least 10'000 to 15'000 km to reach the lowest fuel consumption
    and the difference is at least 10 % bewtween new and beyond 10 tkm.
    Consider changing the oil and the oil filter after 5000 km and refill
    with a fully synthetic motor oil.

    Have a nice and sunny Sunday!

    Joerg Lorenz, Jun 18, 2006
  12. OK, sounds like he knows, run your new car for 5000 to 8000 miles, then
    check it out.
    Andrew McKenna, Jun 18, 2006
  13. traderfjp

    hjsjms Guest

    In my experience the average reading is quite accurate. I compared the
    reading for each of several tankfuls to mpg computed with pencil and
    paper and results were very close.

    Obviously the key to using the car computer for measuring mpg per
    tankful is to reset it at each fillup. Otherwise you get a sluggish
    average spread over several tanks.
    hjsjms, Jun 18, 2006
  14. Typically the mpg computers are very accurate, often within 5% and almost
    always within 10%. That may seem like a lot of margin of error, but that
    would be 1-2 mpg at 20 mpg.

    The computer knows most of the variables with great accuracy: the distance
    traveled (as displayed by your odometer), the engine speed, the amount of
    time the ECU is commanding the fuel injectors to stay open. All it does not
    know directly is the fuel pressure, which determines the actual amount of
    fuel injected compared to the expected amount.

    Michael Pardee, Jun 18, 2006
  15. traderfjp

    Joerg Lorenz Guest

    That was always true for the Volvos with gasoline engine. My new V70 D5
    is producing results on the trip computer which are roughly 10 % to low
    (liter/100km). The readings with the gasoline engine consistently was
    within 2 % of the real values.

    Joerg Lorenz, Jun 18, 2006
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