240 or 740 Wagon Buying Advice?

Discussion in 'Volvo 740' started by Phil Brown, Jan 1, 2005.

  1. Phil Brown

    Phil Brown Guest

    After several Saabs I'm thinking of buying a Volvo wagon, late 80s seems to be
    what I can afford. About all the advice I can find has to do with
    disintegrating wiring harnesses and blower motors. Any advice here or a site I
    can go to with some? Thanks a lot.
    Phil Brown
    Phil Brown, Jan 1, 2005
  2. Stick with '88 or later to avoid the wiring problems.

    Michael Pardee, Jan 1, 2005
  3. Phil Brown

    Rusty Guest

    Rusty, Jan 1, 2005
  4. Saab are ok .
    had two 900 turbo's.

    now in the second 240 estate, wagon,station.
    The rear door wiring is easy to replace/repair yourself.
    They are nice cars.
    They always bring you home, mine always does.

    n.b. Unless you collide with Scania, or trees.
    Hans de Koster, Jan 1, 2005
  5. Phil Brown

    James Sweet Guest

    Clean the flame trap as soon as you get it, they're often all clogged up and
    it will cause massive oil leaks when it happens. Turbos shouldn't have the
    flame trap, just an empty holder but sometimes someone mistakedly puts one
    in there.

    Disintegrating wiring can be a hassle but it's not difficult to replace the
    engine harness and then you no longer have the problem, don't nessesarily
    pass up a nice car because the wiring is shot, in fact you can get a very
    good deal if you're willing to fiddle with this yourself.

    Avoid the V6, the Diesel and the ZF auto gearbox, as well as early 760's
    with the vacuum operated automatic climate control unless you really like
    tinkering/meticulous maintenance. When buying a 240 check the blower motor,
    when buying a 740 look at the headliner, they come apart and it's quite a
    job to redo them. If the car has a sunroof (740) check that it's in good
    working order, they can be a real hassle when they break. If the car has a
    turbo, check for excessive play in the shaft, blue smoke from the exhaust,
    and any other strange behavior. Punch the gas and check that the boost rises
    smoothly and regulates at a consistant point somewhere near halfway through
    the yellow.
    James Sweet, Jan 1, 2005
  6. Phil Brown

    PButler111 Guest

    Subject: Re: 240 or 740 Wagon Buying Advice?
    I think it's worth it to buy a 1990s model 240 wagon. Look on eBay. You can
    easily get a good one for less than $5000.
    PButler111, Jan 1, 2005
  7. Phil Brown

    Rob Guenther Guest

    You could find a 740 for cheaper, and maybe with a turbo engine... You
    might be able to get a 940 for less money as well.

    I know you're a 240 fan, but they did hold their value the best, which is
    not good for the buyer, only the seller... Our 1993 960 ($40K new) is worth
    less then a 1993 240 (maybe... very high $20ks, low $30k's new?)... Go
    figure eh? The downside is that 960's on the used market all seem to be
    highway cars with a good 300K Kms on their odometers (and we're not selling
    ours with a mere 160K Kms on it)

    A 960 is a great value... 6 cylinder engine of modern design, ABS, SIPS,
    Electronic controlled automatic transmission with Sport/Econo/Winter driving
    modes (they are usefull), Electronic Climate Control (it really does work -
    hold temperature very nicely), heated seats, leather interior that holds up
    very well, velvet headliner and pillar trim that holds up incredibly well
    actually, you also get load leveling rear suspension, independant suspension
    (rear) on the sedans (later on the wagons), and a bit of a more modern body
    style (after 1994 I believe).

    They're not even that expensive to maintain... our 960 is costing much MUCH
    less to run then our 1999 Golf TDI (which is suppose to be an affordable
    commuting type car... the only thing affordable about it, is its high fuel
    mileage - the old Volvo's a way better value for money IMO).... And whenever
    I see a 240 it looks beat up or quite old, i've never seen a bad looking 960
    their bodies and paintwork seem to hold up exceptionally well - someone
    guessed that our car was "around 4-5 years old" last year... it's almost
    triple that.
    Rob Guenther, Jan 1, 2005
  8. Phil Brown

    James Sweet Guest

    If only they were offered with a manual transmission they'd be really great
    cars, I personally can't stand slushboxes though. I suppose one could import
    parts from Europe to convert one though.
    James Sweet, Jan 2, 2005
  9. Phil Brown

    Rob Guenther Guest

    I don't either (enjoy automatics)... but it's honestly not bad to drive. It
    really needs a fifth ratio however, the gears are quite tall (in all 4
    ratios, though 3rd and 4th are awfully tall). If you drive with the car in
    Sport setting the transmission is quite responsive (for a 12 year old
    transmission it's fast and smooth... I've seen new cars that aren't this
    responsive)... Economy mode isn't too bad, the car feels a lot slower

    I've wished for a 5 speed in this car too, it'd be a really quick car with
    that transmission... It'd probably be way more fun to drive then a turbo'd
    940 (I've never driven a turbo Volvo yet... so can't really say, but with a
    NA engine there is no turbo lag which is a bonus... and that inline 6 engine
    is the nicest engine to revv the hell out of, that I have driven with at
    least, I bet you she'd run 7-8000 rpms if there were no fuel cutoff at
    6000rpm. It sounds like it's just opening up, ready for more - anyone who
    tells you a V6 engine is smooth running and incredibly refined has never
    driven with an inline 6 engine I'd say - this 12 year old Volvo motor feels
    much smoother then any brand new Toyota/Honda V6, which are suppose to be
    incredibly advanced/smooth engines... those V6's feel like an overhead valve
    pushrod motor compared to the one in the Volvo).
    Rob Guenther, Jan 2, 2005
  10. Phil Brown

    Perek75 Guest

    I am quite tall and slightly overwheght and I am so much more comfortable
    in the 740 model than the 240 regardless of wagon or sedan. I also tryed
    out the 940 model which also was a bit small for my hight. I love the
    heated seat feature on many volvos. It is not a sports car but I love it.
    If you get a volvo 1990 or later I believe that airbags are standard, at
    least on 740, on the driver side.
    Perek75, Jan 2, 2005
  11. Phil Brown

    Phil Brown Guest

    Saab are ok .
    I've had 2 900 turbos myself and I love them but they do not seem to age as
    gracefully as some other cars. And they're a swine to work on.
    Phil Brown
    Phil Brown, Jan 2, 2005
  12. Phil Brown

    James Sweet Guest

    I have a 900S (non-turbo) and it seems to be holding up nearly as well as
    the Volvos. As for working on it, some things are harder, some are easier,
    overall I find it comparable to the 240 and 740. Very easy to replace the
    clutch on a classic Saab 900, it's right out there in front, don't have to
    do any major disassembly. The handling out of the box is much better than
    either of my Volvos was too, though the transmission is a bit more finicky
    and the seats aren't quite as comfy.
    James Sweet, Jan 2, 2005
  13. Rob, what is your average mpg on your 6 cylinder 960? In town? On highway?

    Pat Quadlander, Jan 3, 2005
  14. Phil Brown

    Chuck Guest

    Bummer i just sold a good one for $1500, new t-belt, belts, brakes. It
    was 1990 240dl wagon. The problem areas were oil leaks, Tranny
    selonoid, a/c hoses, and strut posts, rear lighting, and various
    electrical buggyboos. Always started and ran well. Fixed most of the
    problems with the help of this Forum.
    1990 240 with 160-180k should run you about 2k and you should verify
    that most of the "issues" have been fixed.
    Chuck, Jan 5, 2005
  15. Phil Brown

    Rob Guenther Guest

    Averages around 10-11L per 100kms on combinational driving

    Pure highway she'll do under 9L per 100kms (around 10L per 100Km even
    cruising at around 130-140 as long as you don't press down hard on the
    accelerator - this car drinks when you push it hard)

    Purely in town around 12L per 100Kms... Around 14L in the wintertime.

    Apparantly it's as good as our old 740's (1989 GLE 16Valve, and a 1985 GLE
    8Valve) were in town (a tiny bit worse maybe) but on the highway it's
    actually better... Plus way smoother of an engine, and more able to tow... I
    believe I was told we get around 12-16L per 100kms towing (I've never towed
    anything with it yet - just hauled a lot of my stuff around, but my father
    uses it to tow the pop-up tent trailer in the summer).
    Rob Guenther, Jan 5, 2005
  16. Phil Brown

    Rob Guenther Guest

    BTW Sorry for not posting MPG, but we're metric in Canada (for the most
    part) so all my calculations for mileage on this car was ever done in litres
    per 100km.
    Rob Guenther, Jan 5, 2005
  17. Thanks, Rob. Converted to US, around 22+ mpg. I've test driven a later
    960, was very impressed with engine and tran performance, and expected the
    fuel consumption (mpg or kpl) to be worse than your rating.
    Pat Quadlander, Jan 5, 2005
  18. Phil Brown

    Rob Guenther Guest

    It's not bad at all, remember it's a way more modern engine than in a 740,
    all aluminum engine too, and the car isn't as heavy as people think.... Plus
    it may but thru the air better then a 740 (very doubtfull) - transmission
    may also give more efficient power delivery.
    Rob Guenther, Jan 6, 2005
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