460 GLE engine failure

Discussion in 'Volvo 460' started by enderle.alexis, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. Hi,

    My car is a Volvo 460 GLE from dec. 1993, with a 2.0 litres engine from

    When I reduce speed and I change down from third to second or second to
    first, exactly when I disengage the clutch, the motor suddenly stall.
    The revolution counter shows that the motor speed falls. I immediatly start
    up again without any problem.

    This problem does not occur each time I take my car, and I still have not
    understand when it will occurs or not.

    Did anyone hear something about such a problem?

    (from France, sorry for my bad english)
    enderle.alexis, Aug 12, 2004
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