460 GLE valve adjustment

Discussion in 'Volvo 460' started by enferm82, Mar 2, 2020.

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    Mar 2, 2020
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    110,000 Km, 1993 Volvo 460 GLE automatic that never has had valves adjusted.

    Symptoms: When the A/C is turned on, the revs come down and engine is shaky while being in "D", if put in N or P it gets better.

    Work done: Car has had plugs, leads, coil, rotor arm and distributor cap replaced little ago, before experiencing this problem.

    After I noticed this vibration, I took the throttle body and idle valve so they can be cleaned; they weren´t bad, but still performed the work. Nothing changed.

    As the car has never had the valves checked and I´m experiencing a little of uneven idle, without the A/C on; I figured I should check the valve clearance, as the Haynes Manual states it should be checked at 80,000Km.

    I have feeler gauges and think that I can accomplish to measure the valve clearance, but I am unsure on how to get the shims out in case I need. Should I do one valve at a time? when the lobe is facing away from the shim. How can I get the shim out if I do not have the Volvo special tool? Haynes Manual has a picture using a big screwdriver to make it go down.

    Finally, where can I get shims for this model? Local Volvo doesn´t carry them
    enferm82, Mar 2, 2020
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