89-780T Parking Brake and Boost

Discussion in 'Volvo 780' started by AJ, May 2, 2004.

  1. AJ

    AJ Guest

    I replaced the rotors and caliper, yesterday.

    I found my parking brakes to have failed.
    I do have a set of new shoes.
    But, I will need most of the associated parts.
    Cables, (the large C-springs are OK) the small spring clips and
    the whole, sheet metal, inner, round rotor guards.
    I wish I knew the right name for this part?

    I would think that many of you have replaced this part,
    over the years.
    Does any 700 series car have these same parts.
    My 89-765 has the same part as the 780.
    I certainly would not want used parts.

    I see that is will be a big job to replace these guards.
    I may include it with a whole rear suspension bushing replacement job.
    I do not have any completely worn out bushings, right now.
    But at 145,000 miles they may be at the end of their collective life.
    Any thoughts?
    The replacement of the front swing arm bushings, last year.
    Made the 780 a very different drive. Made it fun to drive.
    This car tracks better than any car I have ever driven and fast too.
    I want to increase the boost. But, I don't know how.
    What would it take to replace the Garret with a Mitsu turbo?
    Would I have to raise the engine?
    I am looking for a spare drive train. Would a 960 or 940 have the
    B230FT in them. Should I stay with the late 700 series looking for
    spare, used parts.

    I still love both these cars!
    And I thought the my sweet 87- 245 DL was the best car I would ever

    Still can't decide if the Garret is better than the Mitsu.
    They are certainly operate differently.
    Now that my brakes are completely perfect, I may add a little boost.
    Any thoughts?

    Bill @ Home in Wisconsin, USA
    Maroon 1989 760 Turbo wagon! w/140k miles ;-}
    Black! 1989 780 Turbo Coupe w/146k miles 8-}
    Blue Mule 1987 245 non-Turbo w/225k miles :)SOLD
    AJ, May 2, 2004
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