95' Volvo 850 Turbo has stopped making boost (long grab a snack)

Discussion in 'Volvo 850' started by Dom Didomsky, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. Dom Didomsky

    Dom Didomsky Guest

    I bought my 850 T5 a few weeks ago and aside from a lot of petty stuff
    has seemed like a decent car at 147,000 miles. Goes thru a little oil
    and power steering fluid but other than that nothing
    serious.........until NOW. When I bought the car the turbo spooled up
    quick and it hauled some serious butt, although I noticed midway thru
    acceleration at WOT there was a SLIGHT loss in boost and then it would
    pick up again and keep pulling hard to 6000rpm. Also the boost gauge
    never went all the way up, only like a 1/4 inch from the end of the
    bar but I've always assumed its just because its an old innaccurate
    gauge. NOW TO THE MATTER AT HAND.... I was driving home from work and
    everything was normal for the first few miles, cruising on the highway
    enjoying the back massage it gives me because the tires are of poor
    quality and a civic fly's up on me and starts to ride my bumper.
    Naturally I depressed the throttle to pick up my speed and the car
    instantly downshifts and starts to get going but..... oh wait.... ya
    my motor is growling away and I'm not really going anywhere......
    Turbo gauge was reading halfway thru the black while off pedle and at
    full throttle sitting dead smack between + and - .There was no stange
    noises or anything of that nature that occured before this happened,
    just straight up lost any and all boost. I'm kinda screwed as this is
    my only car and I have to commute 1 1/2 hours to work every day. The
    car idles/drives/shifts perfectly fine it feels just like a N/A 5
    cylinder should, but it won't even spin its tires in the rain. I have
    a constant CEL now and I had it checked at autozone and they pulled a
    code saying something along the lines of "MAF reading lower than
    average amount of air". Anyways I'm puzzled and really hope that with
    some thoughtful imput we can find out whats wrong.

    As of right now I'm thinking the wastegate is stuck open, also upon a
    quick inspection in the rain I saw the actuator bar and it didn't
    appear to be dangling and a decent coating of oil in the charge pipes.

    Thanks a MILLION in advance I'm sure we'll figure this out!
    Dom Didomsky, Jun 1, 2007
  2. Dom Didomsky

    Bill Bradley Guest

    Sounds like you blew a hole in one of the hoses and you're blowing all
    your boost right out of it. Hopefully you'll have caught it in time not
    to have roasted your catalytic converter (since the Air Mass meter reads
    the air going into the turbo, not reaching the engine and would have
    been dumping a LOT of excess fuel). I learned that lesson the hard way.
    Amazing how fast those things (cats) turn into an expensive lump of
    melted metal.

    Bill Bradley, Jun 1, 2007
  3. That sounds likely to me, too, and easy enough to check. BTW, Dom, the hole
    can be fairly small on the outside (maybe not even big enough to fit a
    pencil into) while the inside of the hose is split end-to-end. If you run
    your hand over all the ducts between the turbo and the throttle body you
    should be able to feel any holes. For a very temporary repair you can duct
    tape a piece of aluminum can over the hole unless it is in a bend. Duct tape
    by itself won't hold.

    Michael Pardee, Jun 1, 2007
  4. Dom Didomsky

    Dom Didomsky Guest

    Thanks for the help guys, I took the turbo heat shield off it at work
    today out of curiosity and found that the wastegate actuator arm has
    come off the turbo. I guess the pin got too rusted and broke off
    because I cant really see the holes where I should be able to put a
    new clip. Back to turbo fun!!!!!!
    Dom Didomsky, Jun 1, 2007
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