'96 Volvo 850 with transmission problems

Discussion in 'Volvo 850' started by Pier1, Sep 18, 2004.

  1. Pier1

    Pier1 Guest

    Hello everyone. This is my first posting since I bought my 850 back in
    December 03. The car has now 52K miles and it had 46K when I bought it.

    I already replaced the alternator in the past six months and from the
    records I know that the previous two owners replaced quite os few things,
    mainly swithes and sensors.

    Now my trasmission started to act very strange, and now, after a full
    tranny flush I lost all the gears.

    When I came back fron a 1000 miles trip last months, toward the end I
    noticed a rough 1st and 2nd gear switching. Then, in the past few weeks
    things got worst. Most of the time the reverse wasn't engaging and even
    the all other gears were slaggish when the transmission was hot.

    The blinking arrows came on few time and a Volvo mecchanic got a code of
    S1 nad S2 solenoids.

    Today, the Volvo shop flushed the fluid and after that all the gears stop

    The shop owner told me I need a new trasmission but I thought to research
    a little before spending few thousands dollars, so I decided to tow home
    the car for the time being.
    The thing is that it was running so smoothly until the end of the 1000
    miles trip and i never noticed anything strange.

    At first the codes were reading S1 ans S2 but now the mechanic don't even
    thing that changing the solenoids would fix anything.

    I would appreciate any suggestion.

    Thank you,

    Pier1, Sep 18, 2004
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  2. Pier1

    G Klein Guest

    you need to have S1 & S2 Replaced that is if the codes were correct on what
    your mechanic told you either your dealer or your foreign car Volvo
    specialist can perform this repair for you

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