960 Alarm System

Discussion in 'Volvo 960' started by befranklin1, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. befranklin1

    befranklin1 Guest

    I have a 95 960 with the standard alarm/keyless entry and when the
    alarm is activated (locked with the remote) the red led does not flash.
    But when I activate the alarm with one of the doors open light switch
    depressed wait a few minutes and then release the button the horn honks
    and turn signal flash, the red light will then flash. When I disengage
    the alam, the red light stays lite and if I set the alarm then the red
    light will flash very quickly. When I turn on the ignition and reset
    the car and set the alarm the red light still doesn't flash.
    Anyone have this problem.
    I am thinking to take it to the Volvo dealer but fear it will cost more
    that the trouble of not having the red light flash to warn people that
    the alarm is active.

    B. Franklin
    befranklin1, Nov 27, 2006
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