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Discussion in 'Volvo 960' started by Strange lad, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. Strange lad

    Strange lad Guest

    Hello everyone.

    I am new to this group, so please be a little patient with me if I mess with
    your protocols...

    I have an 1991 960, turbo, petrol, automatic, 2.3 litre saloon that is
    starting to make me very upset and more broke than before.

    The main problems are:

    1. The rear suspension has sunk and there is not a lot of clearance in
    the wheel bays. I am told the shocks are self-levelling and my local
    fitters want £350 each - probably plus fitting. I asked if it would be
    possible to fit standard shocks as this is less than one third of the price
    for both. He didn't know - does anyone here know the answer please?

    2. The heater system is playing up. When I turn on the fans, they fire
    up and I can hear them running. However, no air comes from the front vents
    and there is just a very gentle breeze from the windscreen demister if that
    is selected. I have tried two alternative control units (that fit in the
    dashboard area) but it made no difference. Could it be the relay-type
    silver box in the passenger footwell that is playing up (it does click
    gently when the switches on the controller unit are activated) or could it
    be something else?

    3. The air-con has packed up - it may just need a recharge but I am
    loathe to splash out on this if it is caused by another problem. I switch
    it on and nothing happens, warm air blew through the vents when they were
    working a couple of weeks ago when it was warm enough for the sensors to
    trigger the A/C. Now of course there is nothing through the vents at all,
    as described above.

    4. My turbo unit seems to have packed up - there is no turbo kick-in and
    the engine does struggle a bit under load, up hills and so on. At other
    times, the car trundles along happily as long as the turbo indicator does
    not indicate it is trying to initiate the turbo.

    I am sad to let this vehicle go if there are economical ways of fixing it,
    but I cannot afford a two-tonne Swedish Steel money pit sucking in all my
    cash, so any help will be deeply appreciated.

    This is my third Vulva, the other two were great, a 240 and a 740, though
    the 740 was a bugger for messing about with the electrics.

    Thanks in advance

    Skint git.
    Strange lad, Oct 1, 2006
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  2. Strange lad

    Graham W Guest

    I can't really help with the other probs, but don't pay £350 each for
    self-levelling shocks. You can get them from your local branch of GSF
    for 135 each. Put some on mine recently. The self-levellers are the ones
    with the rubber boot on the bottom, the regular ones don't.

    Hope that helps a little bit.

    Graham W
    Graham W, Oct 1, 2006
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  3. Strange lad

    Strange lad Guest

    Hello everyone.

    Hi Graham

    Thanks for the tip, there is a GSF nearby-ish in Brixton so I'll call them
    tomorrow to see if they can help.

    Good tip. I had no intention of shelling out 700 ackers, way too much like
    a rip off.

    Skint git.
    Strange lad, Oct 1, 2006
  4. Hi,
    I think you might have a vacuum leak!
    Olav Alexander Mjelde, Oct 2, 2006
  5. Strange lad

    Strange lad Guest

    Thank you sir, my mechanic friend can't find one so I suppose it will need a
    trip to the inspection pit so he can look properly.

    Thanks for the reply.

    Strange lad
    Strange lad, Oct 4, 2006
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