Elderly 480 - dim light in Information Centre

Discussion in 'Volvo 480' started by Roger Hird, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. Roger Hird

    Roger Hird Guest

    I recently bought an elderly (1988) 480ES. I've known the car for years,
    drove it occasionally when new. It's a short term purchase to see me
    through the winter.

    The problem is that the suddenly the info centre display has gone so dim
    as to be unreadable. You can JUST see that the display is there but not
    in any usable way. someone slammed the passenger door the other day and
    the display came on at normal brightness during that trip, but nothing

    Sounds like a loose connection - but how does one get behind the
    instrument panel to poke around?

    Any ideas/help suggestions, please?

    While I'm in help-seeking mode, there is an annoying clunking noise from
    behind when driving on rough roads. I noticed it as I drove the car to
    its annual MOT test (for non-UK readers, that's the roadworthiness test)
    just before Christmas. I thought it was just something loose rolling
    around the tool compartment I've checked since and it wasn't). The car
    got throught the test (at a trusted garage) so it shouldn't be a
    suspension or structural problem - but the noise is still there.

    I'll probably go back to the garage eventually - but they are quite a
    distance away and any ideas or suggestions would be helpful.

    Roger Hird, Jan 25, 2005
  2. Roger Hird

    Rob-480-V70 Guest

    Rob-480-V70, Jan 25, 2005
  3. Roger Hird

    Roger Hird Guest

    Indeed - many thanks for this very useful URL!

    Roger Hird, Jan 26, 2005
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