Engine light on - '91 940 B204E

Discussion in 'Volvo 940' started by Telespalla Bob, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. Hi, my '91 940 with B204E has engine light on.
    Jetronic says:

    312 = Knock signal from ignition system absent
    213 = Throttle position switch signal faulty at full load
    113 = Fuel supply too weak/rich

    If I reset the error, after some kilometers it will appear with same
    response (without distinction between petrol or LPG).

    I tried to replace knock sensor with another used and checked with
    oscilloscope, but nothing changes.
    I never push full down the throttle control (error 213???)

    Checking ingition system it says "111"

    The car run ok, only little difficults to start if warm engine was
    previously turned off with LPG supply.
    Perhaps it is only a little rich at idle.

    How I can try to check?
    Mass air flow meter?

    Telespalla Bob, Dec 14, 2008
  2. Telespalla Bob

    stevee Guest


    If it's a bi fuel that opens up a lot more possibilities. What kind
    of LPG system? The ECM doesn't like propane and usually sets mixture
    codes. The other two just need to be diagnosed and fixed. Clean and
    adjust the TPS. It could be the wiring on both.

    Steve Elms in Texas
    stevee, Dec 15, 2008
  3. stevee ha scritto:

    I do not know how it is called in American, the Liquefied Petroleum Gas.
    Here, in Italy, is GPL that, together to the methane (natural gas), they
    constitute the only alternative for the Bi fuel.
    However thanks.
    Do you know that effects can have an excessive wear of pistons?
    Poor idle? erred mixture?

    Thanks and happy holidays
    Telespalla Bob, Dec 16, 2008
  4. Telespalla Bob

    James Sweet Guest

    LPG is the correct term, another name is Propane.
    James Sweet, Dec 16, 2008
  5. Telespalla Bob

    jon5707 Guest

    Having done millions of Miles (klm here)on Liquid petrolium /petroleum gas I
    can assure you it won't harm any thing in your engine.Just change your oil
    when you should and keep your battery up to the job.As LPG needs more spark
    make sure your leadsa are in good working order and use colder plugs .You
    will get 75 to 80% of the mileage you get on petrol .As well you will lose
    power and heat up more so clean your radiator and use a good anti freeze
    anti boil with a well known brand name .Your springs may need up grading to
    take the extra weight in the boot /trunk .As well up your rear tyre tire
    pressures to compensate for the weight .Make sure your brakes are the best
    you can afford as there is less motor pull up will gas .Advance your timing
    ..Watch the air intake is from infront of the car not behind the radiator as
    gas needs cool air and some mechanics just pop an air filter on to and let
    the hot air ruin the preformance further .Losts of lovely cold air and clean
    air filters .Run the car on petrol /benzine every so often to keep the
    system in order and never go straight gas, its duel fuel or nothing .
    jon5707, Dec 24, 2008
  6. Telespalla Bob ha scritto:
    Perhaps I resolved!
    It seems to be fault of the ceramic module inside Jetronic...
    Replaced with one desoldered from another similar ecu (same model LH
    2.4, but different identification number), it seems that it is
    working... we hope.
    Telespalla Bob, Dec 25, 2008
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