Extended Warranty - experience with 3rd party (non-Volvo) providers?

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Lionsshare, Jul 30, 2004.

  1. Lionsshare

    Lionsshare Guest

    If you have any experience with a non-Volvo extended warranty provider
    could you please reply. I am considering two different providers
    (Warranty Warehouse and Warranty America) and could use some feedback
    before signing up.

    My concern is I want to continue to use my Volvo dealer for service,
    and I feel that they are a little higher priced than other repair
    shops ... do these (or other) providers really pay the repairs
    (claims) without issue, or do they only pay a "customary fee" for each

    Of course the Sales people say there will not be problems with claims

    Thanks in advance!
    Lionsshare, Jul 30, 2004
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  2. Lionsshare

    PButler111 Guest

    Subject: Extended Warranty - experience with 3rd party (non-Volvo) providers?
    I can tell you Monday, which is the first time I'm going to have my Volvo
    mechanic try to get permission from my warranty company to do some work on my
    "new" 1992 240 wagon. I already had the mechanic do nearly $600 worth of work
    before I saw in the warranty that no work would be covered unless the mechanic
    called first and got permission -- no exceptions. I frankly don't have high
    hopes that they'll end up covering anything, but feel it's worth the try. I'll
    let you know.
    PButler111, Jul 30, 2004
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  3. Lionsshare

    CD Guest

    When I bought my 2001 S60, it came with a warranty from Great Lakes Warranty
    Corporation out of Pittsburgh, PA.
    It is a 4 year, unlimited mile warranty.

    So far I used it for tie rod ends as well as a brake booster. The dealer
    that I got it from is signed up so I don't have to pay anything out of
    pocket. I recently had the Electronic Throttle Module go bad... something
    that the used Volvo dealer could not fix because of the need for a computer
    to "reprogram" the car. So I took it to a regular Volvo dealer. They did
    not have an account with Great Lakes so I had to pay out of pocket, then
    submit the bill to Great Lakes. They paid for it no questions asked.

    I think I had to pay about $50 because the warranty company only covered $40
    or so for labor and the dealer charges $75.

    So far - great experience... and since I've put 60k miles on the car in a
    year and a half, if was definately worth the $1000 that I paid for it.

    CD, Jul 31, 2004
  4. Lionsshare

    hotpprs Guest

    Did you ever pick a warranty company, and have you had any experience
    getting a claim paid from them? I just purchased a warranty from
    Warranty America, but I still have 28 days to back out and get a
    refund. The broker who sold me the warranty told me they are one of the
    top companies, but I can find very little feedback on them. It makes me
    wonder how many warranties they really sell. If you have any thoughts
    on them or on the warranties in general, could you please pass it
    hotpprs, Dec 9, 2004
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