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Discussion in 'Volvo S70' started by papewayo, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. papewayo

    papewayo Guest

    FYI: I will be ordering the vacuum kit and performing a full stage
    zero but will need to wait till next paycheck.

    In the meantime I need some help from seasoned veterans.

    Here is my dilemna.:

    Bought 98 GLT with 129K approx 3wks ago in FL. Great deal at 1798 +
    dealer fee + tax = 2500

    There was an oil leak, vibration on take off and a knock on front end
    which allowed me to drop their asking price of 4k + DF + Tax to above

    Took to Pep Boys for a free diag. (I know about them and would not
    actually get anything done there)

    They stated I had an oil leak from engine and tranny.

    They also stated I needed:
    All sway bar bushings replaced: - Untrue
    End Links replaced - true
    Tranny mounts replaced - Not really
    Right lower Motor mount replaced - True
    They stated that the Axle was fine and needed no work - Untrue

    They would do all the above for me, minus actually fixing any of the
    leaks, and give me a "BREAK" for only $960. When I looked at the
    estimate they were charging 135 for each link and 180 for the Motor
    mount (just parts), I thanked them and let them know that since the
    main priority was the tranny leak I''ll have that looked at and get
    back to them.

    I then went to Delta transmissions and spoke to the owner, Steve, He
    looked at the car drove it and stated that it seemed to be a seal
    issue with the tranny and that possibly the left axle needed to be
    looked at since the vibration seemed to be coming from that side. He
    quoted $650 for the seal job and to check the axle. He also stated
    that since he had to remove the tranny anyway and he had to remove the
    lower motor mount, if I brought him the end links and motor mounts he
    would just throw them in for me.

    I went to Central Auto Parts bought the endlinks for $22 a piece and
    the motor mount nfor $34, Took them to Steve.

    Next day I drop by the shop and Steve has the tranny out. But he is
    unable to get the axle out. Looks like the retaining ring had broken
    off inside. He tells me he has to crack open the case. As long as he
    has the thing open I tell him might as well rebuild the tranny. He
    agrees and after all is said and done, one week later, I end up
    leaving the shop paying $1300 with a rebuilt tranny, resealed, the end
    links, put in, the axle repaired and no more vibration. Steve stated
    that the rear main seal was dry and did not seem to be leaking but
    that he did see a leak from higher up on the engine near the turbo and
    the normal oil on the bottom of the turbo. He told me about the seals
    on the oil tubes that are notorious for leaking and advised that I
    have it checked out. He also stated to drive the car like I was
    breakin it in for two weeks and bring it back for a follow up check up
    on his work. Overall I rate my experience with this shop as
    excellent. Steve seemed genuine and a straight shooter (unlike the Pep
    boys guys).

    I did a lot of research on this site and various Volvo online forums
    and learned all about the the seals and Orings and Vacuum hoses. But
    before I spend more money I decided to check for a Volvo Specialist in
    the area and found Cech Brothers. I drove over yesterday and paid
    them $30 to have the leak checked thinking it was Vacuum/O-Ring seal

    I return 1/2 hr later and am told that the rear main seal is leaking
    and that it will be $800 due to having to drop the tranny. I
    explained to them that I just had the tranny out and they stated that
    the RMS should have been replaced at that time.

    I called Steve about this at Delta Trannsmission and he confirmed that
    the RMS was not leaking when he had it in the shop and stated that if
    it had he would have replaced it then since its common sense to do
    that. He confirmed that the oil leak was coming from higher up. (I
    will say that I saw the engine with the tranny out and did not notice
    any obvious leak from the RMS myself either)

    I called back Cech Bros and spoke to Jon which was the counter guy and
    explained what Steve had just stated. He then said that if it not the
    seal then its a "plate" that may need to get replaced either way the
    tranny would still have to come out and the estimate should still be
    about $900.

    Both of these folks seem to be straight shooters but I''m confused as
    to what to believe. I''m not pointing fingers at anyone. Is it
    possible that the RMS leak could be confused with one of the other
    common leaks known to occur on these Volvos. If not and I have to
    have the tranny pulled again, I''ll just take it to Cech bros in the
    future and trust in their Volvo specializing.

    Any input would be appreciated.
    papewayo, Nov 20, 2008
  2. papewayo

    Bret Bodas Guest

    Oil leaks can be a pain to locate, and the best way I've found is to
    use fluorescent dye. You add it to the oil, drive for as long as it
    takes to leak out, then use a blacj light to illuminate the dye. Works
    great, eliminates a lot of guessing.

    Make sure there are no oil leaks from the oil return linn efrom the
    turbo, these leak all the time.

    Just about any leak from the engine can travel across the engine and
    down near the transmission, so be careful. I've seen the oil filler
    cap seal leak and cause this, so check that too. Pull the top cover
    off and see if there is oil on top of the engine, especially over by
    the back of the head.

    Common places for leaks are the oil trap housing, turbo return line,
    oil cap seal, trans cooler line where it attaches at the front of the
    trans., and the oil pump seals.

    Bret Bodas, Nov 23, 2008
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