In the process of buying a VOLVO C70 Coupe 2000

Discussion in 'Volvo C70' started by mtedeschi, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. mtedeschi

    mtedeschi Guest

    Hi all,

    I literally felt in love for a C70 coupe made in 2000, with 160000K
    miles. High pressure turbo
    Price is around 7.500$. I CARFAX-ED it and there are no major
    problems .. just a failed emission (fixed) and an oil leak (fixed)
    What should I do? The mileage seems to be high. A reliable car is the
    most important thing for me. What should I check before I buy it? What
    should I ask the dealer?
    Any suggestion is appreciated.

    mtedeschi, Feb 14, 2007
  2. mtedeschi

    Roadie Guest

    I would have a local mechanic or Volvo dealer perform a prepurchase
    inspection of the car. Such an inspection would cost $75.00 to
    $100.00 and should review all major systems. Because it is a high
    milage car check for looseness of the doors and evidence of body
    repairs and if it is a convertible check for proper operation of the
    soft top.

    You might want to check the price of your car on Edmunds, but key to
    the valuation is an honest estimate of whether the car is in average,
    clean or outstanding condition. The seller will tell you it is
    outstanding, but in my experience there are almost no high milage cars
    in that condition.
    Roadie, Feb 14, 2007
  3. mtedeschi

    mtedeschi Guest

    The car is a coupe, in pretty good body conditions, not perfect. I
    drove it and it feels great. (anyway .. that's easy with a 238 HP)
    I'm ready to accept the not perfect body.
    What I would not like is buying the car and figure out after 2000
    miles that there are major engine/transmission problems.
    Anyway, I'll definetily ask for an external inspection. I'm using
    Edmunds, I think is the best website for that
    I don't know that much Volvo. Of course I know about the reputation of
    Volvo cars but I don't know how much could be the life span of that
    engine/transmission. Would be too much asking the engine/transmission
    to stay alive for other 60.000 - 70.000 miles?
    mtedeschi, Feb 14, 2007
  4. mtedeschi

    Roadie Guest

    Whether it will run for another 50,000 or 200,000 miles really depends
    on the care that was given the car for the first 160,000 miles of it's
    life. Given that there were two things to repair and that it is in at
    best well used and average condition the price would seem a bit high
    to me. Still, you might have some negotiating room with the seller if
    you know what is wrong with the car. I can't emphasize this enough -
    you need to get a mechanic who knows something about Volvo cars to
    evaluate the car and give you some sense about whether big problems
    are just around the corner.

    For example if the transmission fluid has never been changed
    transmission problems are soon to come. If the owner was not
    scrupulous about oil changes the turbocharger may be nearing the end
    of it's life. If the brakes were never flushed the ABS master cylinder
    may be getting ready to give problems. Etc., etc.

    By way of background I bought high milage cars (Volvo, Saab & Toyota)
    for my kids to take to college and they all performed as needed. But
    I had them all checked out by a mechanic beforehand. And we excluded
    several along the way because of hidden problems.
    Roadie, Feb 14, 2007
  5. mtedeschi

    John Horner Guest

    Then a C70 is probably not a good choice. In fact, no modern Volvo is
    probably the vehicle of choice if reliability is your top consideration.
    John Horner, Feb 18, 2007
  6. mtedeschi

    shrowell42 Guest

    I have a 1998 C70 HT Coupe - I bought it new, as it was the most
    beautiful car on the road (in my opinion) at the time. Now it has 110k
    miles on it and still runs perfectly. I have had it dealer-serviced
    from new, though, so I would recommend you check the service records
    of the car. Mine's a manual transmission which would reduce complexity
    a bit (and makes the car somewhat rare :))
    shrowell42, Mar 26, 2007
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