Just got rid of my 1996 850 GLT.................here are the thing what were bad at 114K miles... FY

Discussion in 'Volvo 850' started by bitstream, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. bitstream

    bitstream Guest

    As a referance, I'd thought I'd list the longevity of some of the
    components of the 850 GLT from 1996:

    - Center console soda can holder broken, replaced twiced, got tired of
    replacing after 3rd time
    - ABS/Traks intermitten lights.. when light on ABS does not work.
    - Oil leakage.. guess common one
    - Beginning to feel transmission problem.... could have been low
    fluids, never pursuid it.
    - Wagon/rear door panel loose... very common problem
    - At very cold temp, tire need air every two weeks
    - Evaporator failure at 80K miles, repair cost $1200
    - Head light fluid sprayer became water fountain. Would spray
    everywhere except head light.

    I have a new XC70 but this really makes me think cause I also have a
    honda accord. I've always had an accord for the second car. The last
    one had 150K when I got rid of it a year ago and it had none of the
    problems that the 850 GLT had. I only had to replace very common
    items like headlight bulbs and fluid changes. Nothing really broke.
    Well, I guess I'll just have to keep my currant honda longer and use
    the Volvo less.

    Just my 2 cents.... that's all.
    bitstream, Jul 16, 2005
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  2. bitstream

    James Sweet Guest

    There's less to break on the Honda, it's a cheaper car, plenty reliable but
    lacking in comfort, safety and style. If it has the features you need then
    stick with it.
    James Sweet, Jul 16, 2005
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  3. bitstream

    jg Guest

    Maybe it was a dog but can you really blame a car model because the tyres
    leak? geez.
    jg, Jul 16, 2005
  4. bitstream

    John Horner Guest

    Recent model Hondas are having transmission problems, body rattles and
    the like. I purchased on '03 Accord to replace my '96 850 and I have
    been without it for weeks at a time for warranty repairs. In fact it
    has been in the shop all this past week getting a new automatic
    transmission. My warranty is about up and I am debating the question of
    keeping or ditching it. The Honda front rotors warped at 15k miles
    (never had that happen on a Volvo) and the rear pads were completely
    shot at 25k miles, yet the front pads were fine. My sister in law has a
    shiny new '05 Civic Hybrid, which needs it's head gasket replaced at
    5,000 miles. The point is, Hondas are certainly not perfect either, at
    least not the new ones.

    John Horner, Jul 16, 2005
  5. bitstream

    Steve Guest

    It is a flimsey piece of junk, agreed.
    Rebild it for 150 and dont worry about it again.
    With many cars as they age
    Could be a tire/wheel issue, not a volvo issue....
    I agree, the japanese cars are so much more reliable, but they are so boring
    and sterile too.
    Pay your money and take your pick.

    When I get in the wife's Volvo for a trip it's always nice to drive--for me
    that counts for a lot.
    Steve, Jul 16, 2005
  6. bitstream

    Randy G. Guest

    - There are plastic super glues as well as plastic epoxy available at
    the hardware store. Use plastic stock or even old 3.5" floppy disc
    plastic to repair broken plastic. Repaint with "Fusion paint made for
    plastic. I have saved $100's with these products.
    -Personally, I avoid front wheel drive cars and always will. They add
    complication and make little sense- why? They have the least amount of
    drive traction when you need it most. EXAMPLE: Get a fully loaded
    FrontWD car. Stop on an uphill, dirt or gravel road (or paved road
    with sand on it). Accelerate and listen to the front wheels spin. All
    the weight shifting to the rear wheels lessens the drive traction. Any
    car can get going downhill, even on ice- uphill is a different story.
    That's just my experience. All wheel drive makes more sense if you
    need it.
    -You buy Volvo tires?
    - You went to Volvo?
    -That happens to all of us as we age! ;-)
    -It was such a good car that you sold it? Why?

    -It's a matter of buying better Volvos. I have seen some REALLY great
    used Volvos with low miles for $2000-3000 (240's and 740's), and a few
    up to about $5000 (a beautiful 960 Estate).

    Surem there are sme cars with better reputations as far as build, but
    none with the crash survivability that surpasses Volvo. I know- I was
    a firefighter and saw what happens to a lot of cars in accidents. it
    ain't pretty. I would rather pay the mechanic than the orthopedist.

    __ __
    Randy & \ \/ /alerie's
    '93 960 Estate
    Randy G., Jul 16, 2005
  7. As John Horner points out, Honda/Acura has struggled with tranny problems in
    the last decade; brake and build quality problems are showing up more
    recently. We have a 2002 Toyota Prius with 47K miles and no failures - we
    have only replaced tires and a broken windshield. I just got an email this
    morning from a Prius owner who finished the 150K mile service on his 2001,
    and all he has done besides the routine is replace the tires - still on the
    original brakes.

    In contrast, the list of problems I had with an '84 Nissan 300ZX would be
    enormous - even the more than a dozen electrical intermittents wore me out.

    But it's exactly as you say: pay your money and take your pick.

    Michael Pardee, Jul 16, 2005
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