New Knock Sensor Wiring 1995 Volvo 850 HELP!

Discussion in 'Volvo 850' started by USSEnterprise, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. Hello.
    I am currently trying to install my new knock sensors and wiring which
    I ordered from FCP Groton. I'm very confused. Right now, my knock
    sensor wiring configuration looks like this.

    Now with the FCP kit, you get the two sensors wired together into a 3-
    conductor connector, a y-adapter that splits the 3 conductor connector
    into two, 2 conductor connectors, and then two, 2 conductor plugs,
    with pins to attach to wires, and little sealer nipples. I have a
    theory on how to put this all together, but I'm not going to proceed
    until I know for sure. Can anyone provide some help.

    USSEnterprise, Apr 12, 2007
  2. USSEnterprise

    Boris Mohar Guest

    With reference to the picture supplied if you were to unplug the sensor and
    look at the pins, the pin on the left would be the ground (shield) and the
    pin on the right would be signal. This is identical for both sensors. The
    center pin of the three pin connector is the common ground (shield) and two
    outside pins are signals from sensors.


    Boris Mohar

    Got Knock? - see:
    Viatrack Printed Circuit Designs (among other things)

    void _-void-_ in the obvious place
    Boris Mohar, Apr 12, 2007
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