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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by 5ft24, Jan 17, 2013.

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    Jan 17, 2013
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    Hi All,
    First time Volvo owner here... Was handed down my Dad's 1990 740 sedan. 344,000 miles and running as good as ever!
    Only issue is the dome light assembly is hanging by the wires... Plastic got old and brittle and the clips broke off. If anyone has a suggestion on where to get a good one (NOS if Possible) let me know!
    5ft24, Jan 17, 2013
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    Dec 22, 2016
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    Hi friend, I am old school, being 82 yrs. young and not to familiar with late models? Except that like everything nmade today they have built in obsolescence?? That is to say tyhe Mfgr's dont want tyhe collective parts to last more than a few yrs. Excuse my critical appraisal, but I am a retired fleet mechanic.
    Also, a very frugal kind of guy with 50 yrs. of practical experience, mostly with foreign cars. To your Question, iI would recommend Gorilla glue and masking tape! If you have money to burn of course there's always your axious local Dlr. who would gladly lighten your wallet. But, back to the real world, first protect your seats by at least covering them with newspaper, old toels or plain rags as you surely don't want toruin the seats and carpets in tyhe process. next apply with preferably an old popcycle stick, tooth pick or a n old lead pencil as an applicator, next dab a very slight amont preferably to the area that broke and a dab to the adjoining lt. fixture where the cover will be. The n with one hand press genntly in place and then place in a cross pattern strips of the masking tape securing to the dome light cover and retaing by attatching the loose ends firmly to the headliner. A note of caution here, plan to do this when it can be
    say late afternoon and be garaged or otherwise not used until the following day. That's because this particular glue requiers 24 hrs to fully cure? Also, be very genntle when removimng the tape, keeping upward pressure against the cover bas the tape is separaated.
    I was a 544 Volvo nut for about 20 yrs. in my younger days.
    Currently I have a '64 Volvo 122S about half restored. The engine has been totally rebuilt and has been bored 040" oversize and had some modifications, valves ground ergine block milled, etc. so is more like a B-20 than the original B-18 engine. I have made many additions and modifications, as this has been a
    5 year endeavor / pipe dream of mine in retirement. Now driveable again at long last, next will be late model power seats, carpeting new door panels and lastly all new rubber mouldings.
    Amen, and Good Luck!
    cj122, Dec 22, 2016
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