New shape V70 2.5D Questions and short review (having bought one!)

Discussion in 'Volvo V70' started by Joe landy, Sep 18, 2004.

  1. Joe landy

    Joe landy Guest

    Dear group,
    Since my unfortunate happenings with my 1997 V70 and it's leaking crankshaft
    oil seals (at 248,000 miles I should add!), I bailed out and treated myself
    to a new shape V70 with the original 2.5 Audi-derived diesel engine. This
    decision was made after much effort was put into finding a decent D5 model
    at the right price. After a few test-drives, I decided to stick with the
    tried and trusted 2.5 Diesel, as I found one at a very good price, locally,
    with low mileage.
    I had also put much thought into buying another 'old' shape V70 having seen
    a few low-mileage variants at competitive prices. I decided to try and keep
    up with the times, and go for a new shape model!
    The result is: Boy am I pleased.
    This car had completely exceeded all of my expectations in all areas,
    interior space, comfort, build quality, swift performance (much swifter than
    my high mileage version of the same engine), ride comfort, and sheer beauty.
    I have read many reports about the new shape V70 lacking the quality or
    performance of the original model, but I now disagree with all these.
    Whilst this car boasts considerably comfort with it's full leather interior,
    and is incredibly quiet inside, it doesn't seem to shove you back in your
    seat like the older one did, BUT The Speedo seriously ROCKETS up, and
    traffic doesn't half disappear in your mirrors quick!! Wow, how can the same
    engine be so different? Those guys at Volvo hidden an intercooler in there
    or something? Have they used a bigger turbo?

    Anyway, I have a couple of questions for the group, and I will then write a
    little about the answers I have found to some of my original questions.

    Q1: How do I reset the service light? I had a tool for my old car which
    plugged into the OBDII socket. Is there such a socket on this car, and is
    there a tool available for the purpose? (My current tool is from Draper).
    Perhaps my current tool will work? Perhaps I can reset the light without any
    tools as on the older 850s e.t.c?? The car actually has full Volvo service
    history, but I will do all my own servicing from now on. I'm not fussed
    about resale value, I'm keeping it!

    Q2. I only have 1 remote key fob.Can I buy more off ebay, or from breakers
    yard and program them for my car? Dealer job?

    Q3. Can I fit cruise control myself? I asked this question earlier and got
    some good response, but my dealer has quoted £452, so I'd like to know if I
    can realistically fit this myself, and what parts I require.

    Q4. Can I fit the trip computer myself too? Do I only need the new indicator
    stalk with the extra switches on it? Where does it plug in e.t.c. ?

    Right that's it for the questions.
    I'd appreciate any answers possible.

    Now for my attempt to answer a couple of questions which others may have,
    based on my own questions, which I have answered simply by driving the car
    in question.

    1. Is the car longer in length, it looks bigger than the old shape V70?
    No, it's the same, give or take a tiny amount. The bonnet space is a lot
    shorter, making the interior space bigger. Some strange ideas have been put
    into use to save space under the bonnet, such as putting the battery and
    fuseboards under the floor in the boot (at the sides). I think this is a
    very good idea, because all the fuses and relays are kept dry.
    For the true critics out there, the new shape model is 10mm shorter than the
    old one, 44mm wider, and 55mm higher, so only marginal changes really.
    Although I have just photographed both cars side by side, I didn't measure
    them! I have all the brochures here for old and new.

    2. Is the car a lot wider than the old shape V70?
    No, again it's the same. There are small differences when you look at the
    spec, but it's the same to drive. I haven't clipped any kerbs with the rear
    wheels yet!

    3. Is the larger turning circle a problem, the official figures look pretty
    I have been pleasantly surprised to find that the turning circle is almost
    as good as the old model. I turn round and park in a confined driveway, and
    I have no problems. I know the S80 is said to be very poor on this point.
    Maybe the chassis has been widened since my car was built to fit the D5
    engine in, or the 6 cylinder engines in?
    Turning circle for old shape is 10.6m for the diesel with 205 section tyres,
    and 10.9m for the new shape with 215 section tyres.

    4. Is there less legroom than the previous model?
    No, there's plenty. It looks smaller, but it's ample. Just an optical

    5. Does the car corner as well as the original V70, and is there more body
    Yes, the new shape V70 corners EVEN BETTER than the older model, and body
    roll is minimal. The overall handling of this car has impressed me
    considerably. I didn't expect it to give such astounding handling, based on
    some of the reviews and reports floating around the media.

    5. Is it more comfortable having the centre console higher up, and closer to
    hand, especially the gear lever?
    Yes, it's a godsend.

    6. Is it great to have so much torque at idle speed that you can pull away
    from rest without touching the throttle?
    Yes, it's great. This is why I prefer diesels for moving trailers around in
    tight yards. You can hover your right foot above the brake pedal, and use
    the clutch as normal.

    7. Is it great to be 24 years old and drive a car that many people can only
    afford then they're close to retirement?
    Yes, it gives me a superb feeling. People think I'm old before my time,
    UNTIL they have a ride in a decent Volvo!

    My overall comments? Very, Very satisfied. Just need some decent dealer
    service to match it now.

    Cheers for reading, and sorry it's so long!

    Joe Landy

    E-mail Joelandyman<at>

    1997 V70 2.5 TDI 248,000 miles (offers please, it needs crankshaft oil seal
    and another cambelt. Current cambelt 5 weeks old, and ruined by the leaking
    2000 V70 2.5 TDI 60,000 miles (lovely.....)
    Joe landy, Sep 18, 2004
  2. Joe landy

    Guest Guest

    Joe, what do you do for work then?!

    Guest, Sep 19, 2004
  3. Joe landy

    Joe landy Guest

    Hi Tim.
    I'm an Electrical Engineer full time, and I work as a Domestic Electrician
    part time off my own back. I'm no rich man, and I spend all my money on
    cars! I love 'em!
    No secret lottery wins yet I'm afraid.
    Joe landy, Sep 19, 2004
  4. Joe landy

    Guest Guest

    *the fog clears* ;-)


    I think Volvo altered the mapping of the new shape V70 to allow the motor to
    produce more torque than the previous shape, even though peak power remained

    Guest, Sep 19, 2004
  5. the new v70's look awsome to me.....i can't wait to get my hands on a
    2005 v70r...i am considering doing the volvo factory tour, drive a day
    or two in sweeden...and have the wagon shipped on to denver/boulder
    for pick up...the 2005's should be a sight to see and drive...i have
    had volvo mechanics swear to me the fastest factory volvo's ever made,
    were some of the turbo wagons....i like the feel and "road presence"
    the wagons have $.02

    ~^ beancounter ~^, Sep 19, 2004
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