s60 antilock brakes

Discussion in 'Volvo S60' started by Paul_B, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. Paul_B

    Paul_B Guest

    I'm now very suspicious of my s60's antilocks.

    Since the day I got this ('01, 2.4) car, on entering my driveway
    at a skew with the brakes on and hitting a small swail, the front
    brakes make a loud noise like a "boingggggg". I finally figured
    out it was the brakes, not the suspension falling apart. Ok.

    But yesterday I was out on snow-covered roads. The car handled
    fine, good tires, careful driving, etc, but when I needed to stop
    absolutely nothing happened except the front end exploded in that
    same falling-apart "boingggg" noise that I hear on entering my

    Thankfully I didn't get in an accident, traffic was light, but it
    was unnerving. I really like to have control of the car, and for
    a moment I certainly wasn't.

    I'm a good driver, I've done some incredible escape maneuvers in
    critical situations, and thank God I am unscathed as yet. I
    really wish the car didn't have antilocks, but lacking that, does
    anyone have insight into what might be going on here?

    Paul_B, Jan 4, 2006
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  2. Paul_B

    The Visitor Guest

    I just test drove one last week with my wife. Various speed slamming on
    the brakes, they worked great and were quiet too.

    The Visitor, Jan 4, 2006
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