S70 TDI injector pump troubles

Discussion in 'Volvo S70' started by Hinke, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. Hinke

    Hinke Guest


    My 1997 S70 TDI starts with way too much (grey) smoke. My mechanic is
    pretty sure that my distributor pump (VP37) is broken and he tells me
    the probleem will get much worse. If it's just the springs that are
    broken it will cost me 550 euro's ($770), but the repair can cost upto
    1300 euro's ($1800) if there is more damage in the pump itself.

    Is there any way this can be fixed cheaper? Can I fixed it myself with
    cheaper parts? I'm pretty handy with cars, but I never dealt with pump


    H. Bouwmans,
    The Netherlands
    Hinke, Oct 27, 2007
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  2. Hi Bouwmans,

    Try here, it is half price for a new item:


    Best regards
    Per Groth Ludvigsen, Oct 28, 2007
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  3. Hinke

    joelandyman Guest

    Does the car run OK after initial startup?
    I suspect it does. If so, tell your mechanic that he is completely
    useless, and has missed the most basic problem with a diesel engine.
    Then, go buy some new glow plugs, and a 10mm deep socket and fix your
    Stories of broken springs in the injection pump are an absolute joke.
    Sorry, but lots of people seem to be getting ripped off by so called
    'diesel mechanics' these days.

    I have fixed several cars with this smoky startup problem over the
    past few days. Strangely, most of the people have been to their main
    dealers with starting problems and have been told that they need
    expensive repairs.
    Main dealers don't seem to know anything about diesel engines these
    days, and glow plugs don't show up any fault codes. They are only used
    for starting in cold weather, and they're cheap and pretty easy to
    By the way, the glowplugs are located next to the injectors, on the
    front of your engine, and they have a heavy cable bridging all 5
    plugs. The cabling just pulls off the glowplugs. It sticks on tight,
    but really does just pull off like a spark-plug lead.

    Hope this helps.
    I can't imagine you have any serious problems. I've done 370,000 miles
    on the 2.5 tdi engine, spread over 2 V70s, and I've never come across
    injection problems.
    Lovin the cars still, and glad to see the group is still in good use.
    All the best.
    P.S The E-mail address doesn't work. Contact me via the group pls.
    joelandyman, Oct 30, 2007
  4. Hinke

    Nick Guest

    If one injector had a broken spring, could it cause it to sound like
    its "misfiring" at lowish engine speeds ( up to say 2000rpm) ?
    Also, at night, when accelerating hard, there is quite a bit of
    exhaust visible in the following cars headlights as if its
    overfuelling. It does seem to be very lively, and fuel consumption
    is still quite good ( 40 to 43 mpg UK when driven quite hard)
    Mileage is 168,000 and Tim did say the injectors were past their
    best a while back but haven't got round to having them overhauled
    Nick, Oct 31, 2007
  5. Hinke

    Hinke Guest

    Once warm, the answer is yes.
    I have already replaced them myself. I also made sure the circuit worked.
    The injection is also delayed, possibly by the low pressure from the
    distributor pump. That made the mechanic think it was the springs in the

    Currently a new problem has arisen. The return line is leaking diesel.
    So I came up with a new diagnosis. The fuel line going to the pump has
    too much pressure, the line coming from the pump has too little
    pressure. That makes me think there must be an obstruction in te pump. I
    called my mechanic and he found my theory plausible. There is some kind
    of valve inside that can choose to take diesel auto of the tank or out
    of the return line. That valve might be stuck or obstructed. I will
    bring my car to my mechanic next friday. Hope he can fix the car by just
    using a hammer :)
    Hinke, Oct 31, 2007
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