S80 steering-wheel stereo-controls - what do you think of them ?

Discussion in 'Volvo S80' started by Centre Parting, May 27, 2008.

  1. I've come from a '99 Opel Omega to a 2003 S80 - and I've gotta say, the
    steering wheel stereo controls are RUBBISH.

    On the Omega, they can be accessed from the underside of the wheel - so the
    hands don't have to be moved from their driving position.

    On the S80, the hands have to be removed from the wheel to fumble around
    (unless you're going to take your eyes off the road to look) for the right

    Quite amazing, considering how safety-conscious Volvo is.

    Just garbage ergonomics - but then, I'm not overly impressed by the S80
    cabin anyway: -

    - the seat is less than comfortable (forces hunching)
    - the pedals are cramped together by wheel-arch intrusion
    - the speedo has to be examined at length to ascertain what speed you're
    doing (half-decent ones make your speed instantly obvious)
    - it's not obvious whether the headlights are on (I have to undip the beam
    to check)
    - there's no warning if you open the door with parking/headlights on
    - the windows don't auto-close/open on the keyfob
    - the clutch pedal is not on the same plane as the brake and throttle
    - the doors open with too little force - allowing passing traffic to blow
    them open

    .... shameful considering that it's not a great deal better than the Omega -
    a design some ten years older.
    Centre Parting, May 27, 2008
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  2. Centre Parting

    Someone Guest

    The S80 99-04 is mostly a lemon. Don't know about the new S80. I
    find the M-B C300 to be a better choice. Might be my next car.
    Someone, May 27, 2008
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  3. Centre Parting

    Maarten Deen Guest

    My dad's got a '99 S80 2.5D. It's certainly better than the 940 he
    drove before that, but I can agree with your comments.

    What struck me most (don't know if this is a general issue): if you
    put your weight on the passenger footwell (just pressing is enough),
    it will bulk out with a distinct *blk* sound. Just like a sheet of
    metal being bent.
    It will come back into shape when the load is released, but this
    does not say "quality".

    Maarten Deen, May 28, 2008
  4. Centre Parting

    Roadie Guest

    I have yet to drive a car with steering wheel controls that were
    anything more than distracting. They really do not belong on the
    steering wheel.

    Unless you have very very short fingers I don't see how this is a
    problem on the Volvo. I can use those controls, but choose not to.

    That's why such controls should not be on the wheel. If the driving
    requires your full attention then you should not be playing with the
    radio no matter where the controls are located.

    Did you evel look at the car before buying?
    Did you even sit in the car before buying?
    Did you even look at the car before buying?
    Huh??? How difficult is it to look an an analog gauge.
    You really should know whether yu tiurned the lights on or not - come
    on. Knob position is a great indicator.
    An excellent safety feature.
    Why are your doors open and not under hand control when there is
    passing traffic.

    Did you even look at the car before buying it? If you were paying
    attention these "problems" would have become apparent the moment you
    drove the car.
    Roadie, May 29, 2008
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