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Discussion in 'Volvo S80' started by ~^ beancounter ~^, Aug 21, 2004.

  1. so...i came into a bit of $ and i want to snag another
    (my 2nd) s80 (prob on eBay) ... what years should i stay away from?
    i think i will go w/the turbo....so...whay..2001 or newer?
    did volvo get the "kinks" out by then? i am looking to
    spend bet 10-15k...and...what is the deal on the radios,
    i know the stock stereo system is good, but wasn't there
    an option to upgrade to a bit better one? what is the details
    on that?

    thanx !!! richard / colorado
    ~^ beancounter ~^, Aug 21, 2004
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  2. ~^ beancounter  ~^

    Mike Diggler Guest

    good luck finding one for 10-15k - even on ebay. S40's go for that much. I
    started out dreaming of an S80 but realized the S40 is more in my range with
    what I wanted on it.
    Mike Diggler, Aug 23, 2004
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  3. ~^ beancounter  ~^

    Spanky Guest

    Richard, you just couldn't stay away from the S80's, eh? I recall that when
    you owned one you posted how great and reliable it was right up until the
    day you sold it. Then you started bashing them. Now you are ready for
    another? Good! I think they are one of the best value's on the used market.

    The HU-801 is the upgraded stereo, I have it and it sounds great. I could
    live with or without the Dolby ProLogic which it comes with but the extra
    speakers and higher powered amp are what make this option worthwhile. The
    bass is incredibly natural sounding and surprisingly powerful. The HU-801
    was designed by a real audiophile (I believe Volvo contracted the work out
    of house) and the result is one of the best sounding stereos available in
    any car.

    Since you live in Colorado you may interested in the Dynamic Traction and
    Stability Control (DSTC). Most S80's only come with STC. The DSTC uses
    navigational gyroscopes and a steering wheel position sensor to detect the
    beginning of a slide and take corrective action. It works incredibly well on
    snow and ice and could even save your butt during evasive maneuvers in the
    rain. It applies the brakes to regain control in ways that not even the best
    driver could do (unless the car was equipped with four brake pedals and the
    driver had near instantaneous reactions). You can tell if a car has this
    option because there will be a button on the center console that says

    I'm always glad my S80 has the summer package. The retracting window shades
    are nice but what I like the most is the infra-red reflecting windshield. My
    car is always cooler on a hot sunny day then any other car I've tested it
    against. If the car has the rear seat window shades and rear window shade it
    also has the IR reflecting windshield unless it has been replaced at some
    point. One caveat, with the IR reflecting windshield the only place a radar
    detector will work at all is behind the dark band at the top of the
    windscreen. Same for a GPS antenna but perhaps to a lesser degree.

    As to the best years, much was made of the troubles with the 1999 model
    year. Some of the early 2000 model years needed upgraded software to fix
    certain issues and the 2000 (and 1999 I think) were recalled for new front
    suspension bushings. However, as far as I can tell, the different years have
    only very minor differences and I wouldn't avoid any of them (even the 1999)
    assuming the recall work was done and the newer software was loaded. I
    really think people were making a bigger deal out of the early issues than
    was justified. I've met plenty of 1999 owners who are very satisfied with
    the reliability. It is more important to get one that hasn't been left out
    in the sun too much. That causes door and sunroof seals to dry out, airbags
    to get old, and leather to harden.

    Newer models (not sure of the deciding year) have body trim the same color
    as the paint. I think it looks really cheap but I've also heard from those
    who can't stand the black body molding which I find especially sharp looking
    on my white 2000 T-6.

    The S80 is a large car with an excellent driving suspension and needs good
    tires to do it justice so make sure you allot an extra $600-$1100 if the car
    needs new tires. Cheap out here and the car will not drive as it should. I
    drive my car in a somewhat sporting fashion but not on a track so I
    appreciate the more comfortable ride provided by the 16" wheels. It allows
    for a taller sidewall. The 17" wheels will generally give a slightly crisper
    ride at the expense of ride comfort, noise and tire cost. Of all the options
    (except the engine) the wheel size has the greatest impact on the overall
    character of the car. I recommend the 16" wheels unless you want to extract
    as much cornering performance as possible and don't mind the disadvantages
    listed above.

    And the turbo is a good idea on this car since both engines get the same
    fuel economy but the turbo feels and sounds so much quieter and the shifting
    is much less obtrusive, less busy. The difference is night and day, much
    more luxurious with the turbo. The 2.9 actually feels (sounds) more sporty
    even though it has far less power.

    Good luck!

    Spanky, Aug 23, 2004
  4. i just looked and there are 8 in the 10-15k range...right now...there
    is a pretty tits looking 2004 v70r i am eyeballing...those wagons are
    ~^ beancounter ~^, Aug 24, 2004
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