Shock absorber application question

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by N8N, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. N8N

    N8N Guest

    Hi all,

    I'm hoping some of you volvo guys can help me out here. I actually
    own a 1955 Studebaker and I'm trying to find some decent (that is,
    preferably Bilstein or Koni) shocks for my car. I know that the front
    shocks of a 51-56 Stude interchange with the shocks from a Volvo 1800
    (along with the front shocks for a 49-54 Chevy or 53-62 Corvette.)
    Problem is, I've never worked on a Volvo 1800 and that is the only
    application that I seem to be able to look up online. I ASSumed that
    the shocks that I needed were used on the front of the 1800 but the
    pictures on the Bilstein web site seem to indicate that I actually
    need ones for the *rear.* Could a 1800 owner please tell me which end
    has the shocks with the 3/8" stud/bayonet style mount? Better yet,
    could someone confirm a Bilstein part number that is known to fit?

    Also, is there a Koni part number that works? I can't find one on the
    Koni web site.

    thanks much,

    N8N, Jun 29, 2008
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  2. N8N

    N8N Guest

    OK, I think I answered my main question - Gabriel lists the same
    shocks for the Stude and 1800 *fronts.* So a shock for the front of
    an 1800 should fit my car.

    I also found a number for a Koni shock for the front of an Amazon/
    122. Dusting off the cobwebs in my brain, I seem to recall that the
    1800 was based on the Amazon chassis. Unfortunately I can't seem to
    find a shock manufacturer that lists applications for *both* an 1800
    and an Amazon, and Koni doesn't list dimensional info. on their web
    site. Can someone please tell me if I order the shocks for the Amazon
    will they fit my car?


    N8N, Jun 30, 2008
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  3. N8N

    N8N Guest

    N8N, Jul 2, 2008
  4. N8N

    N8N Guest

    Anyone? would really like some confidence before I order anything.

    N8N, Jul 10, 2008
  5. N8N

    Walt Kienzle Guest

    How about some Monroe shocks? You can go to, and
    perform a lookup on a 1955 Studebaker. I came up with the following Monroe
    part numbers:
    31094R Rear 1 $22.18 each

    5751 Front 1 $39.21 each
    Walt Kienzle, Jul 10, 2008
  6. N8N

    N8N Guest

    I have Monroes on the Ugly Truck and have to say that I am not
    impressed with them. Of course, that is a F*rd with a Twin-I-Beam
    front end, so the lack of anti-dive geometry accentuates the effects
    of insufficient damping. that said, I don't believe a Stude has any
    significant amount of anti-dive built in even though it is a proper
    SLA setup so I would likely be similarly disappointed. Plus I'm
    spoiled by the Konis on the 944; those ride like a proper car should.

    Unfortunately Monroe doesn't list an Amazon or 122 (I've looked)
    otherwise I wouldn't have posted my original query.

    Additionally, based on a conversation over on the SDC forums with
    someone who was trying to fit Bilsteins to his early 50's Stude, it
    seems that the listed Monroe application on their web site is
    incorrect and too short; the correct rear shock in the Monroe line
    would be a 5757 (I think? I'm going off memory here) He did confirm
    that the Bilstein application listed for a 1800 did fit well in the
    front however.

    N8N, Jul 10, 2008
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