V40 windscreen washer nozzles

Discussion in 'Volvo V40' started by Roger Hunt, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. Roger Hunt

    Roger Hunt Guest

    Greetings a.a.v

    This might appear an over-cautious attitude on my part but I thought it
    better to ask, just in case ....

    The rear windscreen washer nozzle on my 1998 V40 is well and truly
    blocked. Poking with a pin simply pushes the blockage back a bit, and it
    returns, as they so often do.
    I will need to remove the nozzle for a proper cleaning, but before I do,
    does any one know of any problems removing the thing? Any delicate
    projections that snap easily, etc?

    Any advice or experiences gratefully received.

    Roger Hunt, Jan 9, 2007
  2. Roger Hunt

    Allen Guest

    I am not familiar with the design but can't you just remove the hose and
    blow it out from the nozzle end with an air hose? Then run the washer for a
    moment with the hose detached to flush out any debris that may linger in the

    Allen, Jan 9, 2007
  3. Roger Hunt

    Roger Hunt Guest

    I'll go easy. Neither am I familiar with the design and don't know how
    much slack Volvo have allowed, for the pulling out of stuff.
    Roger Hunt, Jan 10, 2007
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