V70 2000 2.5D leaking oil from air intake.

Discussion in 'Volvo V70' started by joe landy, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. joe landy

    joe landy Guest

    Hi all.
    My V70 is consuming a litre of oil every 4 weeks or so, but I have
    noticed it leaking onto my driveway.
    Upon investiation, I find the pipe which connects the intercooler to
    the inlet manifold is oily. it seems to run down the pipe, and drip
    out at the bottom.
    The pipe from the turbo itself is clean, and the intercooler is clean.
    I can only imagine that the oil is coming from the manifold somewhere.
    Perhaps it is somehow entering the manifold via the exhaust-gas recirc
    valve from the turbo?
    Any suggestions please.
    The car has done 79,000 miles, and has main dealer service history.
    My classic-shape V70 with the same engine completed 250,000 miles
    without hiccup before I sold it!
    I am VERY dissapointed with the 'new shape' car in comparison, as I am
    already changing suspension parts, and drivers power window has failed
    (new switch panel with integral ECU required).
    I have also had the 'usual' door handle mechanism problems.
    The car is a superb drive, with excellent comfort and a more 'private'
    feel to the old shape. That's the only reason I'm keeping it really.

    Anyway, Help with the oil thingy please!

    Maybe I should sell it and but a late-model classic shape. Those
    things were built properly and smelt of Volvo not Ford (Fix Or Repair
    Many thanks.
    Joe Landy
    joe landy, Apr 27, 2005
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