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Discussion in 'Volvo V70' started by H.Buntjer, Aug 4, 2003.

  1. H.Buntjer

    H.Buntjer Guest

    My airco works fine and after a few minutes when the temperature has
    dropped, it starts stinking and gives me a warm moistured airflow.
    The dealer vacuumed the system and found 300 gram loss, purged it and
    refilled it to 750 gram.
    After that tested it and the problem was stil there, he changed out the
    recirculationswitch hwo had a suspicious leaver and tried again, no
    The pressure switch near the fill connection was changed out and i went on
    my way to Spain, during the trip the outside temp. rose and the higher the
    delta temperature the shorter the airco keeps working as it should be.
    When it stops it gives a high frequent sound and starts stinking and warm up
    my car whit that moistured airflow.
    After apr. 10 minutes rest of the airco system, i can put it back on
    "automatic" and it works again for a few minutes.

    The compressor is ok, and the magnetic switch is ok otherwise it would not
    be running at all. Who can help me?
    I spent a lot of money so far in this airco faillure, so there is no way
    back. (it feels like gambling)

    By the way the loss of the aircofluid was about 10% a year and according the
    mechanic between the limits.

    The Netherlands
    H.Buntjer, Aug 4, 2003
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  2. H.Buntjer

    M. Guest

    M., Sep 3, 2003
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