V70R question :: S70R??

Discussion in 'Volvo V70' started by Fred, Jul 29, 2004.

  1. Fred

    Fred Guest

    I saw a "new" V70R the other day at the local Volvo dealer, msrp at US
    $37,900+ change. As I was reading the window sticker for options. it was
    obviously loaded, I saw the horse power rating for the vehicle and as I
    recall it was 300HP.

    I *think* it was a leftover '03 model but not sure, at any rate, did they
    ever make an S70 with 300hp?

    Wow, a station wagon that would outrun a new Nissan 350z, ouch!, hope you
    weren't on a date!

    Plus did they ever make an S70R? and what years?

    Fred, Jul 29, 2004
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  2. Fred

    Bonnet Lock Guest

    In an earlier contribution to this discussion,
    I think they did - but presumably you are aware that the S70 and current V70
    are completely different cars?

    The previous V70 (up until about 2000) shared the S70 platform, whereas the
    current V70 shares the S80 platform - so the engine options in current the
    V70 are likely to be different from those in the S70.
    Bonnet Lock, Jul 30, 2004
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  3. Fred

    Rob Guenther Guest

    I think the old S70 R was something like 247hp... Pretty sure it was AWD
    too... Not 100% sure, this was a few year ago, one time look at the car in
    the dealer showroom.
    Rob Guenther, Jul 30, 2004
  4. Fred

    Bev A. Kupf Guest

    What do you mean by this? All versions of the 2004 V70 still have a 5
    cyl engine (including the V70R). The S80 has a 6 cyl engine.
    Bev A. Kupf, Jul 30, 2004
  5. Fred

    Bonnet Lock Guest

    In an earlier contribution to this discussion,
    I mean what I say! The S80 (in Europe at any rate!) has a range of
    6-cylinder engines (with different power outputs) and also a range of
    5-cylinder petrol engines and a diesel engine.

    Because the S80/new V70 was completely re-engineered, it is virtually
    certain that engine changes will have been made from the previous V/S-70.
    So, even if the two ranges used nominally the same engine, there will be
    detail differences which result in differences in power output - and
    certainly differences in weight/gearing etc. - so that they won't perform
    exactly the same.
    Bonnet Lock, Jul 30, 2004
  6. Fred

    Bev A. Kupf Guest

    Interesting. In N. America, the S80 has a 6 cyl. engine, and is not
    offered with any 5-cyl variants. The S60 is offered with a 5 cyl. engine.
    Bev A. Kupf, Jul 30, 2004
  7. Fred

    Mike F Guest

    Actually, the S80 is now available with a 5 cylinder engine - the light
    pressure turbo. This car also has the Haldex AWD system - the S80 2.5T
    AWD. It's also almost exactly the same price as the S80 2.9 (non

    To the original poster - there was a S70R, but never in North America.
    It "only" had the engines of the older V70 - to a maximum of 247 hp (250
    as measured in Europe). The S60R is available with the 300 hp motor as
    in the current V70R.

    Mike F.
    Thornhill (near Toronto), Ont.

    NOTE: new address!!
    Replace tt with t (twice!) and remove parentheses to email me directly.
    (But I check the newsgroup more often than this email address.)
    Mike F, Jul 30, 2004
  8. Fred

    Fred Guest

    Ah yes, the S60 R just looked it up. If it checks out research wise,
    that's my next car. With an automatic.


    Fred, Jul 30, 2004
  9. i think it is a new platform...it should be a
    "kick ass" wagon....as long as it does not act like
    the s80's...time will tell...i want to talk w/an owner
    w/50 - 75k miles on their 04 wagon...then i will decide
    to get one or not.....they sure do [email protected]@K nice.....
    ~^ beancounter ~^, Jul 30, 2004
  10. Fred

    Joe landy Guest

    Hi all.
    I have the brochure for the UK V70R, and it's a 2.5 litre 5 cyl engine.
    Weren't the Pre 2000 V70Rs all 2.3 litre?
    The S70 was indeed available as an R, and there are a few floating around in
    my area. They sell much cheaper than V70R on the secondhand market round
    here, presumably because the V70 is more useful for normal family life as
    well as for going out for a blast on the motorway/freeway.
    I used to know a chappy who had his S70R chipped to about 310BHP. Not sure
    how long it lived. Mind you, I'm not even sure how long he lived.
    the D5 is quick enough for me, as my 1997 2.5TDI puts up a good fight with
    most who challenge me! That's even with 245,000 miles on the clock you
    OK, the Subarus get past me eventually, but they sure get a surprise first.
    Enjoy yourself, and stay safe.
    Joe Landy.
    V70 2.5TDI 245,000 miles, new exhaust, new alternator. I love it and I want
    to transplant a D5 into it!
    E-mail joelandyman <at> postmaster.co.uk
    All E-mail to my NTL world address will be deleted.
    Sorry spammers!
    Joe landy, Jul 31, 2004
  11. Fred

    Bev A. Kupf Guest

    Nice to know that. I didn't know and hadn't seen this at the dealers the
    last time I was there.
    Bev A. Kupf, Jul 31, 2004
  12. Fred

    AB Guest

    Are you absolutely sure? A quick check on the Volvo specs on their website
    indicates the V70 and S60 are far more closely related in terms of wheelbase
    and track than the S80 and V70.....

    Also, to look at the two of them there is a far stronger resemblance betwen
    the S60 and V70 than the S80 and V70.....

    As for the S70R (old 850 brick shape), the 'R' variant had around 280BHP
    from what I recall as the base S70T5 (in its final form with the Bosch ME7
    engine management) had 247BHP.

    The older T5s were indeed 2.3 l as opposed to the newer T5 engines 2.5 l
    capacity. This also includes the S40/V50 variants too and the S60R.

    Incidentally, the 2.3l engine seems to have a propensity to bend conrods at
    or above the 300BHP mark. In the newer R versions the conrods are forged to
    improve the strength to help them take 300BHP with safety...

    AB, Aug 3, 2004
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