vacuum pump in braking system makes noise when engine is cold

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by cgates30, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. cgates30

    cgates30 Guest

    I have a '98 V70 GLT which started making a howling/fan noise when the
    car is started after sitting a while. It doesn't seem to be related to
    the engine RPM and it shuts off after 15-45 seconds. I called the
    dealer and they said it is a vacuum pump in the braking system which
    pressurizes the system and that the sounds is indicative of wear but
    otherwise it still operates. They told me not to worry about it until
    it actually goes out, and when it does it will cost about $475 to

    I'm getting ready to sell the car and want to repair it before I put it
    up for sale, but I don't want to shell out nearly $500 if I can have it
    done or do it myself for a lot less. Is anyone familiar with this
    problem? Is it something that another shop could do? Is it something a
    mechanically inclined person could do themself (capable of doing timing
    belts, recharge AC, fuel & air filters, spark plugs, cooling system
    flushes, etc.) or is it too complex/need special equipment?

    Oh, does anyone know the actual name of the pump or if there are any
    web resources on it?

    Many thanks!
    cgates30, Oct 14, 2005
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  2. cgates30

    Glenn Klein Guest

    What you are hearing is the Air Pump which is for the fuel system & yes
    it is going bad & yes you can have a qualified repair shop perform the
    repair instead of the dealer just make sure that the pump & the check
    valve is replaced @ the same time

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