Volvo 440: couple of questions for those who know.

Discussion in 'Volvo 440' started by TygerTyger, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. TygerTyger

    TygerTyger Guest


    I Was looking for a new car recently, my mechanic looked around and got
    reserved from a dealer for me
    a 1995 N-plate Volvo 440 with 75k on the clock for £550, the newer
    facelifted model, I get the car on thursday/friday.

    I was speaking briefly over the phone to my mechanic friend about the
    deal, it was a rushed conversation, so I don't even know what specific
    model it is, nor even the colour :).
    My spec. was for a good condition car with reasonable mileage for my
    I owned a Volvo 340 DL a time before, I'm not up on the 440 model range.

    He has checked it over and it is in fine condition all round, but
    haven't seen him since and can't get him on the phone since he is away
    just now.

    So, a couple of questions:

    He says it is a 1.7 litre, he may not have checked this properly or got
    it wrong. Were the 440's available with a 1.7 at this time?
    I see searching the net that they were 1.6i, 1.8i,2.0i in petrol and 1.9
    diesel by this stage, as far as I know.

    If turns out to be a 1.6i, are they very underpowered or reasonably

    Were all of the models available at that time (95/N) equipped with Cent.
    Locking/E. windows/Sunroof as standard, or was there still a base model
    with manual windows etc. A friend of mine had the old shape 440 1.8i on
    a K-Plate, nice car, but it had manual everything and no sunroof.

    Just trying to get an idea here of what I'm going to get.


    TygerTyger, Mar 12, 2005
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  2. TygerTyger

    Swifty Guest

    It's probably 1721cc if I remember rightly.
    My 1919 440 GLT was one of the worst cars I've owned but don't let that put
    you off!

    The good point for a car of that age is that the bodywork/paint seems better
    than most and ,if it's running well ,you'll be happy.

    My memories are of a car that always pulls to the left ( it was built to be
    driven on the right ) and the constant noise from door pillars and
    I had engine management problems to which Volvos advice was " don't use
    texaco fuel .. too much sulphur"

    The Dealer never found a solution to my problems and the car became well
    known in the Trade with subsequent owners phoning me for advice.
    Swifty, Mar 12, 2005
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  3. TygerTyger

    jg Guest

    They might have improved since 1919?
    jg, Mar 13, 2005
  4. TygerTyger

    Swifty Guest

    Oh s*** , I meant 1991 but it was so bad it may as well have been 1919 :)
    Swifty, Mar 14, 2005
  5. TygerTyger

    valdek Guest

    Hi. this is probably 1721 ccm 440 Volvo. I've got 440 1.8 DL. Your has over
    100 hp (if it's 16v) or even 122 hp (turbo intercooler). 440 were made in
    netherlands or danmark. All is good except chassis rust... It's not a
    tinpalte :(
    valdek, Mar 16, 2005
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