Volvo 440

Discussion in 'Volvo 440' started by T A R T, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. T A R T

    T A R T Guest

    My husband is very close to buying a 1992 Volvo 440 1.8L SE. Any
    opinions regarding this model? The mileage is quite low (for Norway)
    at 165,000 km and the price is far less than we were expecting to pay
    and well within what we can afford. It has had one previous owner (an
    old lady) and is in very good condition - apart from the clutch which
    has seen considerable use.

    Is it expensive to have work done on the clutch? I know it is
    impossible to say because it depends on the component concerned, but
    in your opinion is it expensive to change the clutch pad (?) or have
    some other work done on the clutch? Although we have done some
    research, my husband and I are pretty much ignorant when it comes to
    cars, unfortunately.


    T A R T, Jun 29, 2005
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  2. T A R T

    m-gineering Guest

    check for rust (one not very obvious place is around the hinges of the
    front doors: do the doors close properly?)

    a clutch kit starts at 125 euro's and should take 4-5 hours to install
    m-gineering, Jun 29, 2005
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  3. T A R T

    Pi Guest

    We have a 1995 Volvo 1.8i, ran 245.000 km now. And still runs fine.
    Uses when my wife drives (..) 1 liter on 14 km. We did have to replace
    the waterpump, which is cheap. Breaking down of a waterpump seems to
    happen to Volvo's ofter, but not too oft.

    When you want to check for rust, make sure you check the back, besides
    the wheels. Where the inner and outer plates connect.

    I do find it to be a good car. But would not pay much for it at this

    When I read that an old lady drove it, make sure you spoke to that
    lady and not to a salesman: ALL cars have only been used on a sunday
    by an old lady. And guess what: ALL cars have somebody else looking at
    them too, who is coming back after a couple of hours, so you have to
    decide fast. And guess what more: after you sold your old car, you
    suddenly find somewhere a much newer car for sale that has the same
    numberplate as your old car, but only half the mileage - makes you
    immediately want to buy back your old car... Do not believe everything
    you hear from a garage, but consult a professional when you do not
    know enough about cars.

    Pi, Jul 5, 2005
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