Volvo 480 ES cylinder head swap

Discussion in 'Volvo 480' started by Antero M, Jun 12, 2004.

  1. Antero M

    Antero M Guest

    I bought a 1988 Volvo 480 ES yesterday. The previous owner tested, for how
    long does the original timing belt work. Well, the answer is 173000 km
    (108000 miles).
    The Volvo dealership estimated, that removing and fitting the cylinder head
    costs about 500 euros. So, I bought a used renault engine for 30 euros. I
    am going to put the renault head on Volvo engine. Any idea, if is it going
    to work? What kind of timing belt should I use? I have a Swedish market
    Volvo, fuel injection, no turbo, no catalysator. I am aware that the
    compression ratio may change. Is the original head worth of repairing?

    Thanks for your attention,
    Antero M.
    Antero M, Jun 12, 2004
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