Volvo PV 444, 445, 544, 210 Parts for Auction

Discussion in 'Other Volvo Models' started by Tony S, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. Tony S

    Tony S Guest

    Hello all you Volvo folks out there!

    I currently have the following Volvo PV parts for auction:

    Volvo PV 444 Int. Door Handles, Window Knobs, Springs
    Volvo Mirror 444 544 1800 PV
    Volvo PV 544 Seat Belts w/ Hardware
    Volvo PV 444 544 Locking Gas Cap Chrome No Key
    Volvo PV 444 544 Emblems, Letters, Trunk, Hood Badges
    Volvo PV 444 Hood Emblem Sparrow Hood Lift
    Volvo Sunvisors 544 PV
    Volvo PV 444 544 SU Carb-to-Carb Fuel Line w/ Banjos
    Volvo PV 444 544 Seals Heater Valve and Misc
    Volvo PV 444 Glove Box Door Possibly fit 544
    Volvo PV 444 544 Headlight Rings Chrome
    Volvo PV 444 544 New Gas Pedal
    Volvo PV 444 Steering Wheel Horn Ring Chrome
    Volvo PV 544 Rear View Mirror, May Fit Other PVs
    Volvo PV 444 Front and Rear Ash Trays
    Volvo PV 444 Hand Strap Hooks Chrome
    Volvo PV 444 Steering Column Cover + Turn Signal Switch
    Volvo PV 444 Choke Control Cable, Chrome Plate, Knob
    Volvo PV Throttle Control Linkage 444, 544, 445, P210

    Auctions end 20 hours 4 mins (Jan-27-08 09:01:59 PST).

    If interested, please check out the auctions link below:

    Thank you and good luck.

    Tony S, Jan 26, 2008
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