What would you want to take with you on the ultimate road trip,if youcould make one ?

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Brett, May 15, 2008.

  1. Brett

    Brett Guest

    If you got to make the ultimate road trip (and money, geographic
    location of the trip and the make / model of the desired car you'd
    most want to use wasn't a limitation), what things or person/s would
    you most want to take with you and please say why.

    You can take any high profile person/s you admire, irrespective
    whether anyone named is living or is presently deceased and could be
    brought back to life.
    Brett, May 15, 2008
  2. Brett

    Mr. V Guest

    I did this a few years after graduating college.

    Drove a '65 Chevy II around the country for four months, spending time
    with friends and relatives, camping, staying with new friends.

    The two items I brought with me of note: my complete stereo and record
    collection, and my cat.
    Mr. V, May 15, 2008
  3. Brett

    N8N Guest

    Based on my experiences road tripping with an ex-GF and her '69
    Valiant, I'd leave the cat at home. said cat was totally cool but
    very, very unhappy in the car.

    I remember once having to make an unscheduled stop at my parents'
    house to hose out the cat carrier, as George the Cat got tired of
    expressing his displeasure vocally and moved on to less subtle forms
    of communication.

    N8N, May 15, 2008
  4. My 'who' is easy. Benjamin Franklin.

    1 Lucky Texan
    Carl 1 Lucky Texan, May 16, 2008
  5. Brett

    Shawn Hirn Guest

    I would go solo and take the usual stuff such as my car, clothes,
    camping gear, folding bike, my laptop, camera gear, and my credit cards.
    Although I would go solo, I would love to meat people on the way who
    know the local areas and who would be willing to spend time showing me
    around their community. I have no interest in meeting a "high profile"
    person on such a trip.
    Shawn Hirn, May 16, 2008
  6. I'd leave the car home and fly my Beech Sundowner from small field to
    small field, across the US and Canada.

    My companion would be my wife, who in a perfect world would be as
    comfortable flying as I am.
    Valued Corporate #120,345 Employee (B A R R Y), May 16, 2008
  7. Brett

    necromancer Guest

    A nice cushy Bentley or Rolls Royce convertible, my laptop with one of
    those Verizon (or ATT or whomever) cards that connect to the cellular
    network so I wouldn't be at the mercy of wifi hotspots, a refrigerator
    full of mountain dew to keep me going, a GPS unit that has accurate
    maps and the locations of every mom and pop pizza joint on my route
    programmed in, the best police radar/lidar detection/jamming unit
    money could buy, maps to bypass the states of VA, DC and anywhere else
    that radar detectors are banned and Paris Hilton's credit cards to pay
    for it all.
    Ginger *and* Mary Ann.... ;-P

    "The record run in oil prices is related more to
    speculation and a weakening dollar than supply
    and demand in the market. In terms of fundamentals,
    fear of supply reliability is overblown."

    --Exxon-Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson
    necromancer, May 16, 2008
  8. Brett

    Roadie Guest

    To answer "What" I would take, it would be the usual stuff needed to
    make a long trip, but the particulars would depend on the locales
    visited. No snoeshoes needed on a trip to death valley. Binoculars
    and camera would be nice, etc.

    To answer "Who" I would take, it would likely be my spouse and
    possible the kids and grandkids depending on the location. Or maybe
    my spouse and brother-in-law and sister-in-law. I can't imagine why
    anyone would want to take a "High Profile" person who they presumably
    had never met on an extended trip like that. How dull for both...
    Roadie, May 16, 2008
  9. Brett

    Studemania Guest

    A good supply of parts for the 44 years old car I'd be driving and my
    meds, including Viagra in case I'm lucky.
    Studemania, May 17, 2008
  10. Brett

    Studemania Guest

    Join a large hobby car club devoted to one marque, Jaguar, Model T,
    Studebaker, (Nissan/Datsun) Z, Vette (Owning, but not necessarilly
    driving one) and cal names from the roster for the town you'll be in
    the next day.
    You better know he Marque damn well, though.
    Studemania, May 17, 2008
  11. Brett

    Studemania Guest

    Do not go to Death Valey. It is horrible - no place to stay and
    Scotty's Castle is a cardboard cut-out, Badwater will give you AIDS
    just by driving past it, Zabriskie Point will clog your air filter,
    and the sand ants will steal your wallet.
    Studemania, May 17, 2008
  12. Brett

    Squat Guest


    1 - My collection of audiobooks on CD-ROM - (Can drive for hours with a good
    2 - 427 Cobra (with MP3 capable CD player to play the cdroms)
    3 - Digital Camera and PC (for recording my trip and downloading pictures at
    the end of each day.)

    I'd go with a 2005 Miata Turbo if a 4276 cobra is not available (not as sexy
    or fast but probably more reliable in the long run)

    Squat (ex 99 miata owner - yes, I miss that car.)
    Squat, May 18, 2008
  13. Brett

    Squat Guest

    I can't imagine why anyone would want to take a "High Profile" person who

    And likely high maintenance for you...
    Squat, May 18, 2008
  14. And an aviation headset, so you can HEAR your audiobooks? <G>
    Valued Corporate #120,345 Employee (B A R R Y), May 18, 2008
  15. Brett

    Scott Dorsey Guest

    I thought you were supposed to take Hunter S. Thompson, a rental car, and
    a suitcase full of drugs and guns?
    Scott Dorsey, May 18, 2008
  16. Brett

    suburboturbo Guest

    In addition to the usual assortment of favorite music, reading
    material, snacks and supplies, I'd take Ed, my former next door
    neighbor and surrogate big brother. I've traveled up and down the
    east coast with the guy and from NY to Minnesota for a Corvair
    convention in a car with a one-day old rebuilt engine that we had put
    together in a month as our intoduction to Corvairs. Ran perfectly
    Now a chief mechanic at a 100+ million gallon per day sewage treatment
    plant, he can fix anything that breaks. Could have been Scotty on the
    Enterprise in another lifetime a millenium from now. Once I blew a
    head gasket during practice runs for time trials at Lime Rock, and he
    had it replaced and I was back on the track in 30 minutes, running
    faster than I ever had before. Not an easy feat in a Corvair, where
    you're working on your back with hot oil drupping in your face
    suburboturbo, May 18, 2008
  17. Brett

    heav Guest

    To each his own, but I find Death Valley beautiful and there is an
    abundance of places to camp "rough" - free - but bring a large
    container of water, like 6 gallons.

    Scotty's Castle is a story as much as it is a building. Walter Scott
    was one of Buffalo Bill's "Big Six" cowboys and decided to become the
    "Greatest One Man Show on Earth." Part of that was spinning a yarn to
    the New York bankers that hung around the Big Six Cowboys like teeny
    boppers tailed the Beatles a half century later. Scotty let slip that
    he had a secret gold mine in Death Valley that would make Rockerfeller
    look like a pauper. "Send me $8000 a month and we will both be richer
    than King Midas!" he would brag. That was good money in 1904.

    Scotty never had a gold mine. A lot of us never had a gold mine, but
    the thing about Scotty is that he wound up perhaps the most famous
    common American of his time and with a castle, something most of us
    have to do without . . .

    Death Valley National Park is one of the most ruggedly mountainous
    places on the planet. I walked 150 miles through the Karakoram
    Mountains of Pakistan last summer and in many places the Karakoram
    reminded me of the mountains in Death Valley National Park.

    For my road trip, if I didn't have to use jeep trails to get to a
    destination, I would drive my restored 1982 300 TDT Mercedes diesel
    station wagon. The "T" in TDT stands for "Touring" because station
    wagons in Germany are called "Touring cars." If jeep trails were part
    of the itinerary, like my upcoming trip to Toroweap at the Grand
    Canyon, I would have to drive my restored 1989 Toyota short wheelbase

    I have custom sound systems in all my vehicles with subwoofer cabinets
    and external power amps. I have 2000+ watts in my Benz and 1400 watts
    in my 4Runner.

    I write and take photographs for a living, so I would have my
    assortment of cameras and a notebook computer. I see below someone
    suggests bringing Hunter S. Thompson along. I lived in Aspen when
    Hunter was running for Sheriff. I didn't keep a copy, and apparently
    no one else has either, but I remember Point 8 of his "Ten Point
    Platform" was "All Deputies shall take mescaline."

    If she could make it, I'd bring Fräulein Karin. She's a twin for the
    actress in the 3rd Indiana Jones movie. The one who falls into the
    crevasse at the end.

    On May 17, 1:49 pm, Studemania
    heav, May 19, 2008
  18. Brett

    heav Guest

    I like the way Karin reverts to her native German at certain intimate
    heav, May 19, 2008
  19. Brett

    houndman Guest

    After a devastating injury 20yrs ago, that even gave me some brain
    damage, I planned a trip all around the country, wanting to take as
    long as it would take, and seeing anything that I wanted to, mainly
    scenic and interesting places. It helped a lot with cognitive therapy
    that I needed, and kept me looking forward instead of backward. Being
    more into nature than conviences, I wanted to be able to go off road,
    and also camp. I still haven't decided on the perfect vehicle. Sube's
    probably can't go that far off road, but then I'm not into climbing
    rocks. I have problem with fatigue,
    and pains, so being able to pull over and rest or sleep at any time
    would be a plus, and a trailer or RV would be better than camping in a
    tent, but with gas prices climbing all the time, a tent might better
    than an RV or towing a trailer.

    I bought an Impreza wagon last year, but think a Legacy wagon would
    be a better choice, for the size, and a trip I planed would take a
    year, and 15K mi. Trying to pick a route that the weather would be
    mild, as much as can be planned for, and see things I wanted to,
    seemed like the thing to do.

    When I planned the trip I had an oder full sized wagon, with a lot
    of miles. Figuring on that I planned to put in a new motor, and carry
    parts like belts and simple things. With an older motor I'd carry a
    water pump and anything that could fail, that was small, and I might
    not want to wait to get parts for, like maybe a master cyl. Ease of
    getting parts would determine what I would carry.

    Don't think I would go alone, and even a dog would give something to
    talk to. At the time I had 2, that would have made the trip more
    interesting, since the female liked to rest her muzzle on my shoulder
    while I drove, and the male would get into trouble anytime we stopped.
    A companion who wanted to take the trip as much as me, and was
    compatible would make it more interesting. At the time I had a friend
    who had a stroke, and he wanted to take the trip. I don't think he
    shared my interests, but the trip would have helped him with the
    depression. An interesting woman who wasn't afraid of challenges,
    which I once had, would have been ideal. I can't think of any high
    profile person who would make the trip as interesting, than someone
    who likes an adventure. I gave up making plans long ago, since things
    never turned out the way imagined, and being open to what happens or I
    ran into, was a Lot more interesting. When I saw something I wanted to
    see, I would stop and check it out. If I saw a road that looked
    interesting, I turned onto it, to see what it lead to.

    I still have the dream, but still am not able, so toned down my plan
    to interesting places not as far, though they haven't seemed
    interesting enough to get me past my limits. I figure when I am able
    to, I will Just Go.

    houndman, May 19, 2008
  20. Brett

    Studemania Guest

    Ahh, you ruined it! I was trying to keep people away so folks like you
    and your / me and mine can enjoy it without too many others in the

    One place I love is Golden Canyon (?)- the tilted walls on both sides
    are maybe twenty or so feet aapart - yet maybe many million of years
    apart in date of formation.

    PS The idea aboyut the Potemtkin Village / Scottys Castle came from a
    woman calling Garison Keilor and giving him the low-down on SC. When
    asked, she admitted that she had never visited there, despite being
    only an hour or so away.
    Studemania, May 20, 2008
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