'01 V40 won't start (sometimes!!)

Discussion in 'Volvo V40' started by Dave Edwards, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. Dave Edwards

    Dave Edwards Guest

    Can anyone suggest a focus on this problem.
    About once a month, my V40 will not start. It is as if the gearshift is not
    fully in Park....you know, turn the key, and ....nothing!!
    But the shifter is solidly in park. Not a battery thing, because it doesn't
    even try to start. Sometimes if I keep trying, on about the 10th try it
    might start....but usually, I wait until the next morning and it starts

    I read there is a circuit that senses the key...and makes sure I'm not using
    an 'illegal' key. Has that circuitry ever known to fail?

    Problem is, if I bring it somewhere it will start fine all day long!

    Dave Edwards, Jan 25, 2008
  2. Dave Edwards

    TKM Guest

    Check the fuses for corrosion. Just remove and reinsert the fuses the next
    time you have the problem. If that turns out to be the cause, replace every
    fuse. It will avoid much frustration. (I speak from experience). They're
    relatively cheap and it's easy to do.

    TKM, Jan 26, 2008
  3. Try the neutral, if it starts OK than it is the switch in park position. It
    happen on my V40 couple of times.


    J & M Petranovic, Jan 26, 2008
  4. Dave Edwards

    Big Dick Guest

    There is a bulletin about this same type of issue.
    This is not the complete bulletin but the 1st page that talks about the
    Have the dealer print out TNN 36-58 for you. They might refuse to do this.
    It is a wiring kit that installs under the dash area to correct this issue.
    This is not warrnaty or a recall.
    You will have to pay the dealer for the parts and labor to install the
    wiring kit.

    NO: 36-58

    DATE: 5-1-2007

    MODEL: S40, V40

    M. YEAR: 2000-2004

    SUBJECT: Immobilizer Warning Lamp Lit or Flashing, IMMO-DTC 321



    In S40 and V40 cars, the Immobilizer warning lamp may be lit after a
    successful cold start.

    After a restart, or after switching ignition off and on, the warning lamp is
    not lit any more.

    While the warning lamp is lit (engine is still running), Immobilizer
    Diagnostic Trouble Code

    IMMO-DTC 321 is stored. This DTC indicates a communication problem between

    and ECM (Engine Control Module). When the warning lamp is not lit, there are
    no IMMO or

    ECM DTCs stored.

    The customer may also experience intermittent no crank (starter motor not
    activated) and

    flashing Immobilizer warning lamp in the DIM. In most cases the engine will
    crank normally if

    the ignition is switched off and a new start attempt is made. In a few
    cases, several start

    attempts are needed to get the engine running.


    Install service harness P/N 30652280
    Big Dick, Feb 3, 2008
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