1981 240 no run problem - need help

Discussion in 'Volvo 240' started by Chris Telesca, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. I am posting this for a friend who has a 1980 Volvo 242 (essentially a
    2-door version of the 240). It has a 4 cylinder engine, 4 speed manual
    with overdrive, and CIS fuel injection. He did a lot of work on the
    car last summer when one of the engine harness wires just gave out, and
    the other wires were corroded to the point where repair wasn¹t an
    option, so he had to replace that and a buncha other stuff. He
    replaced the engine harness, starter, fuel filter, cap & rotor, new
    plugs, brake master cylinder, water pump, brake metering valve, timing
    belt, crank and camshaft seals, oil pan gasket, thermo-time switch.

    So all was going well until about two weeks ago, when he was driving
    along and the engine cut off and then on again, and then started
    stopping at stop lights, causing him to have to restart it several
    times. Then he drove it home and put it into the garage, where it has
    sat ever since.

    It would always turn over, and occassionally start and run, then
    sometimes it would not run, but it would always die. First he tried to
    see if it was fuel or electrially related - he tried a new cap and
    rotor (spares that he had from the last summer) and that didn¹t work
    any better.

    Then I called a friend who owned the car before I did, and he thought
    it might have been the fuel pump relay. I checked it out under the
    dashboard, and found that the connector had also been melted slightly
    as well as one of the terminals on the relay being a little discolored.
    So we went and got a connector off an old junker that was electrically
    sound, and soldered it up to the old wires, checked them for continuity
    and it seemed to be fine. Then he ordered a new fuel pump relay and
    when it came in it didn¹t help either. He tried to jump the fuel pump
    at the connectors, and was able to get the car started and keep it
    running for three minutes before he disconnected the jumper wires. The
    next day he connected the same jumper wires again, and it turned over
    but wouldn¹t start or run. I thought the new relay was bad, and had
    him replace it. The newer relay didn¹t work any better.

    We hooked up a timing light to the spark plug wire and battery - the
    light came on when we turned the key and the engire turned, but the
    engine didn't catch or run.

    So now we are stuck - why is this old beater not wanting to start or
    run? The engine will turn but will not catch. What else could be the
    problem? Any constructive suggestions? He now has no car and is not
    able to get out to parts stores all that easilly, and really doesn't
    have fuel pressure or other diagnostic tools except for a timing light
    and multi-meter.

    Please respond to cjtelesca at yahoo dot com
    Chris Telesca, Sep 29, 2003
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  2. Chris Telesca

    Mike F Guest

    First make sure that fuel is getting up to the engine. You can do this
    by cracking one of the connections at the filter and see if any fuel
    comes out. (Wrap rags around it to catch the fuel, no smoking etc.
    etc.) If not, try putting a few more gallons of fuel in the tank.
    Mike F, Sep 29, 2003
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  3. Chris Telesca

    volvowrench Guest

    It sounds as if the fuel pump has finally given up the ghost.

    volvowrench, Sep 29, 2003
  4. THe pump runs when we jump the connector, but not when we go through
    the relay, although the car does turn over, it does not catch and run
    when we do this. So I doubt it is the fuel pump, but we will check and
    see if the pump pumps fuel when we jump it next time.
    Chris Telesca, Sep 29, 2003
  5. Chris Telesca

    Ryan Guest

    Also, check for spark at the plugs, Pull a spark plug, and lay it on a
    bare part that is grounded, and have your friend try to turn it over,
    see if it's sparking. You want to be careful not to get shocked with
    this, so I'd lay it on a grounded piece and just look at it. I
    recently had this problem with my bmw and it was the fuel pump, the
    relay had also given out, it was wierd. Ok, also check for air flow
    meter troubles by unplugging it, it should run although in a rough
    mode. (Unplug it when the engine is off.) Good luck,
    I'm sure you guys'll get it!
    Ryan, Oct 4, 2003
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