1990 240 sedan 2.3L error code help please (code 1-1-3)

Discussion in 'Volvo 240' started by Upstatedon, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. Upstatedon

    Upstatedon Guest

    Hi, just purchased the model listed above, and am fixing her up for
    the wife. The check engine light was on, so I went and retrieved the
    error codes, only one came up, 1-1-3. Fuel injection. Was looking for
    some feedback on what your experience has been, and what to check
    first. Thanks in advance.
    Upstatedon, Apr 30, 2004
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  2. Upstatedon

    brackenburn Guest


    "Fault Code 1-1-3 indicates Fuel Trim (Lambda Control) too lean or too rich.
    Possible cause: Mixture incorrect (!); O2S wiring fault.
    Symptoms: High fuel Consumption."

    Don't ask!! I'm only quoting from "brickboard" LH2.4 Fuel Injection Fault

    Good Luck.
    Andy I.
    brackenburn, Apr 30, 2004
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