1994 850 Stalls HELP !!

Discussion in 'Volvo 850' started by dborgers, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. dborgers

    dborgers Guest

    Before purchasing my 1994 Volvo 850 Wagon, the owner had his mechanic
    put in a new fuel pump and fuel filter. He said the fuel pump relay
    was relatively new. He did not put on the one I had sent.

    The car stalls out, especially when going around a sharp corner like a
    freeway entrance ramp. Other times it does it randomly and will start
    after a minute or two and run perfectly until the next time.

    Any ideas what else it could be. I do have the new fuel pump relay to
    install if that might be the problem. The car has been very well
    maintained. 160K miles. New timing belt 20K ago.

    Thanks in advance for your kind replies.
    dborgers, Apr 3, 2007
  2. dborgers

    dborgers Guest

    PS Passed emmisions perfectly.

    If fuel pump relay replacement is suggested as the only culprit, where
    is it located? It looks like I could unplug the old one and plug the
    new one in myself if I knew where it was

    dborgers, Apr 3, 2007
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