1994 volvo 850 seatback problem

Discussion in 'Volvo 850' started by marjbr, May 9, 2007.

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    Below is an addition to a great helper article by bob dietz on
    1/2/2005 regarding the

    volvo 850 front seat. It works great! The original is the top
    article and mine is the bottom part

    just explaining the intricacies of the damn right side! Check Bay13
    for pix.

    An alternative is to heat the ferrule with a butane lighter and pull
    off the cable housing. Snip the housing back about 3/8". Use a 6mm
    socket to drive the ferrule back on the cable housing. The square
    should now protrude from the end of the ferrule. Slide the ferrule
    into the gear drive, swing the latch plate back over the ferrule and
    test. It should work as good or better than new. The plastic housing
    stretches over time, especially if larger bodied people use the seat.
    cable routing is quite close to the upholstery padding and gets
    through normal use.

    Thanks immensely! I just bought my 3rd volvo-a 1994 850 turbo, with
    both front seats leaning back

    and stuck! I used your instructions and it worked perfectly. The
    passenger seat was a little

    harder since the screws on the gearbox were facing outside to the
    right, flush to the plastic liner

    inside the leather. I removed the 10mm bolt from the gearbox, by
    cutting a square, small hole in

    the plastic liner under the leather and inserting a socket. Once the
    bolt (and the spring

    connecting to the yellow foam rubber back plate on the seat) were
    moved I slid the gearbox mechanism

    to the left along the square driveshaft connecting both sides of the
    seat placement gears and

    removed the phillips screws, pulled off the cover (after removing
    clamp on driveshaft), removed the

    cable, cigarette-lightered it off, cut 7/16 off, reheated and replaced
    ferrule. Then it slipped

    back inside the gearbox and I tested by applying griplock pliers to
    the top end near the ferrule

    end, slide gearbox back to the far right, replaced (temporarily) the
    10mm bolt and turned on switch!

    All worked so I moved box back to left, applied screws, replaced
    gearbox to the 10mm bolt on the

    right using standoff and made certain the driveshaft was even on both
    sides. The shaft will move to

    ALMOST completely out to the right but is stopped from coming out by
    an indentation in the end. I

    reinserted the shaft into the square slot on the left rear side by
    jiggling switch a bit to get a

    tight fit and then used a few taps from a hammer/chisel on the right
    side to secure the shaft. Then

    I put the retaining ring back on the left side of the gearbox/shaft,
    pulled the seatback back down

    and secured underneath by plastic ties. Do be careful! When doing
    the driver seat I pulled the

    inside gear cable too far out of the rubber cable and had a little
    time getting it back into the

    motor from which I pulled it. I moved both seats back as far as they
    would go and then forward, to

    original seating position, by "nudging" switch on seat side a bit at a
    time until they came to the

    12 o'clock position. Took about 1.5 hours but could redo in 40
    minutes. Total cost: $1.00 for

    cigarette lighter. Hope it works for you as good as for me.
    marjbr, May 9, 2007
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