1995 940 hard to start, ignition timing at 6ATDC

Discussion in 'Volvo 940' started by LizaDave, Aug 5, 2023.

  1. LizaDave


    Aug 5, 2023
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    Hello, my Father 1995 940 was driving normal and one day it started misfiring on his way home.
    i went over to check over the car and found several vacuum hoses cracked and fallen off, these have been repaired.
    The engine cranks fine but the engine doesn't appear to fire until we stop cranking.
    We did get the engine running and found the ignition timing at idle was 6 degrees past top dead centre.
    I checked the the manual and found two reasons for ignition timing to be there and that was CPU or Knock Sensor, so I checked and replaced the knock sensor, but this has not fixed the problem.
    Checking the ABD in port 6, there is no faults, in port 2 it had 1.2.1, air flow meter, so I inspected it and replugged in, cleared the fault in OBD and tried to start.
    I still cannot get the car to start.
    Has anyone any ideas on what to do next??

    LizaDave, Aug 5, 2023
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