1995 940 w/ 3rd row seat for sale in Denver/CO Springs area

Discussion in 'Volvo 940' started by sorint, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. sorint

    sorint Guest

    Hey, folks

    I decided to let the 940 wagon non turbo I bought recently go to a
    good Volvo buff like myself, that knows how to appreciate it.
    Nothing really wrong with it, I fixed it quite a bit, I just realized
    that I want a little more power and I miss driving a standard
    specially in the mountains of CO so I'm looking for an 850 now. I know
    full well that 940 is the last great classic and 95 is the last year
    of that production but I'd really like a stick shift and a clutch
    back, my previous Passat thought me bad habits.

    Details on the car: auto, 165k miles but we all know what that means
    on a 940. It's running great is all I can say, maybe not as much oomph
    as I'd like, but hey, it's a 940 non turbo, what do you expect? White
    exterior, blue/gray cloth interior, 3rd row child seat. Interior
    clean, had it detailed recently. Car's got new steering, front brakes,
    tires, spark plugs and air filter. Has marked on the timing belt
    housing that it was replaced at 142K so lots more to go on that.
    Everything works fine, including AC. Car lived in CA until last year
    so I imagine it's passing emissions with flying colors (I don't have
    to do it where I live but the engine's running clean). TONS of room in
    the back, with the seats down, it's amazing. Oh yeah, clear title,
    looks like no accidents on record.

    Now the flaws: small 1" dent in the left side of the tailgate, did not
    touch the window or affect its functionality. 4-5" crack in the
    windshield on passenger side, had it drilled, patched and stopped from
    spreading by a professional. Car has a Sanyo cd stereo unit that sells
    for $200 on the net, however it's missing the faceplate, maybe you
    could get that for less than the price of a new unit. Passenger door
    has cracked inside (map) pocket. Could probably use new struts on the
    tailgate, some $20 on fleabay, just didn't get around to do it myself.
    Oh yeah, and fuel level gauge not working so I reset the trip odometer
    everytime I fill up.

    Let me know if you're interested, best offer takes it, I need to make
    room for the 850. I am willing to drive it a reasonable distance
    (couple of hrs perhaps) if someone serious is interested in seeing it,
    or could get you at the airport if you want to drive it further, I
    would not hesitate to drive it cross country myself. I live in CO
    Springs area, about 45 min S of Denver. Any other questions let me
    know, to those interested I have some pics to mail. You can contact me
    at sorint_AT_yahoo_DOT_com.

    Thanks, S.
    sorint, Mar 19, 2007
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