1996 850 gas smell after engine stops running and/or a full tank fill-up

Discussion in 'Volvo 850' started by J Lee, Feb 5, 2004.

  1. J Lee

    J Lee Guest

    Our 96 850 has about 87K miles and has gave us a strong gas smell
    the car is driven into garage, parked, and stopped in last month. We
    have tried
    to found out where the gas smell came from w/o too much luck, though
    it is
    pointed to left front of the car, and right rear of the cat (fuel
    area). But, we could not spot a sing of fuel leak at all.

    The gas smell is extremely bad with a full tank fill-up. The garage
    like gas every where. I saw small amount of fuel leak around the clamp
    of fuel tank and fuel filler neck. I removed the clamp and cleaned
    out the dirt, did it second time to clean the fuel neck and tank
    surface for any possible dirt. (I had to loose the fuel neck at fuel
    door and had my wife pull the fuel neck some so I could cleaned it.)
    It did
    not leak for a while until yesterday. With a full tank fill-up, I
    could see
    the fuel tank was wet with fuel around the clamp area again!
    (Naturally, there
    is gas smell in the garage.)

    I removed two covers in the trunk to access fuel pump and tube
    connections area of the fuel tank, and found no fuel leak or wet spot

    I called my Volvo dealer, a technician told me there is a gromment
    or O ring type of material) between the fuel filler neck and fuel
    tank, to
    prevent it from leaking (Volvo part #6842188 $13.51). My problem is
    that I did
    not see this gromment while I cleaned it twice. Would the gromment
    after 8 years of service? If there was not a gromment before, why it
    was not
    leaking fuel before? Was this a real problem?

    It seems that the fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel lines, etc. all have be
    to remove the fuel tank to install this gas tank gromment. Is it
    Is there another way to fix it?

    thanks and best regards,

    1996 850 87K
    J Lee, Feb 5, 2004
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