1996 850 - Remote central locking????

Discussion in 'Volvo 850' started by Chris, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. Chris

    Chris Guest

    How can I determie if my car had RCL fitted? It has the central
    locking function operted by the door key, and I have sourced a very
    cheap used remote but the coding procedure dos not work (turn ignition
    on 5 times then press remote button). There is no LED on the top of
    the dash board, but there is a removeable cover about 1 x 1.5 inches
    in the centre of the dash right against the windscreen. Removing this
    shows two wires (purple and white), but no LED.

    Does this indicate no RCL was ever fitted.

    What is the process to retrofit if this is the case?


    Chris in Sydney, AUS
    Chris, Jul 10, 2007
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  2. Chris

    Baz Guest

    Hi Chris,

    I'm live in Sydney AUS too, and my "bought in Sydney" '96 850-S does not
    have RCL. One way to definitely check is to look where the remote receiver
    would be located, and if you don't have one, you don't have RCL.
    Unfortunately, you have to remove the glove box, as it's located to left of
    that space. Don't know if you could reach up and feel without removing the
    box. Then there's the problem of recognising it.

    To retro fit I guess you'd need the receiver and of course the key fob
    transmitters. I don't know if you'd need more than just plugging the
    receiver in. I suspect that would be all you'd need. Mine has the wiring
    for it in place. Maybe someone could confirm if this is all you'd need to

    By the way, mine came with 3 keys (all have the immobiliser transponders
    internally). The 3rd key is a "service" key will not fit the glove box or
    the boot. It will open the doors and operate the engine ignition only. You
    can disable central locking on
    the boot by turning the master key anti-clockwise to a horizontal position
    when you lock it and then remove the key in this position. By operating the
    rear seat backrest latches in the boot first, you can make the boot
    inaccessable to those with only the service key.

    This is all in the owners' manual.

    Baz, Jul 13, 2007
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  3. Chris

    Chris Guest

    Dear Barry
    thanks for the response. Mine is an SE 20v model WAGON - I was
    originally told they all had the receiver fitted from factory. I
    called Volvo Aus and they then told me that no AUS delivered 850s had
    factory RCL - any RCL was fitted when the car got to Sydney by two
    different 3rd party installers. They were not particularly helpful
    though. I called one of the 3rd parties who told me that they would
    need to inspect the car to determine if a) an RCLwas fitted and b) if
    it was fitted by them. I saw a key fob remote on ebay and got it for
    $20. I'll investigate the glove box. If nothing there I might try a
    wrecker. I would not even bother asking what a brand new one

    I'm in Eastern Suburbs, work on North Shore. Any recommendations on
    independent specialists who can work on the car? I change fluids/plugs/
    filters and happy to do minor repairs but bigger jobs I'll need
    someone else.

    many thanks

    Chris, Jul 18, 2007
  4. Chris

    Baz Guest


    Hi Chris,

    I do almost all the maintenance on my '850 myself. It's a pretty easy car
    to service. Apart from the timing belt, which isn't very hard to replace
    (but don't try it yourself unless you have some experience) there's nothing
    very demanding in general maintenance that any competent mechanic wouldn't
    be able to handle. For anything really serious, like the a/c evaporator (I
    had mine replaced about 18months ago) I would go to a Volvo dealer because
    of the amount of disassembly needed, and the guarantee, backed by Volvo that
    you'd get. By the way you do know about the high rate of evaporator failure
    in the 850's don't you? It's more or less guaranteed by 10 years old :-(

    Sorry I can't recommend anyone specific for you.

    But read this newsgroup for information and websites like
    http://www.volvospeed.com/bay13.htm for how-to-do-it infomation. Even if
    you don't do it yourself, you'll be better informed.

    Baz, Jul 19, 2007
  5. Chris

    Chris Guest

    My car is May 1996 build, so now 11 years old. Full service book
    history from Scuderia Veloce in Lindfield, which originally supplied
    the car. 120,000km, but no other invoices came with it (I bought from
    a dealer). I am hoping that the Evporator has already been replaced
    due to age of car. (Fingers crossed) - AC works beautifully. How much
    should I expect to pay at a Volvo dealer if it is necesary to replace?
    I just changed the trans fluid - it was filthy black. Now shifts with
    impressive smoothness, it was a bit harsh before. Really simple job.

    Is it worth using fully synth engine oil or is that just overkill. It
    is my wifes car and is mostly used around town, so I am going to
    change oil and filter at 8,000km, Again, is this overkill???

    Chris, Jul 24, 2007
  6. Chris

    Baz Guest


    Hi Chris,

    It cost me around $1,600 AUD to have a replacement evaporator kit fitted. A
    lot of loot, but for me a/c is essential in a car in summer. And a lot of
    the front interior of the car has to be removed to do it. This link
    http://www.volvospeed.com/Repair/ac.php has a picture of the interior whilst
    the evaporator is being replaced.

    The replacement evaporator kit included a cabin cabin air filter (pollen
    filter) kit, which I had already fitted as soon as I bought the car, as it
    didn't have one. I've read that this can reduce the incidence of evaporator
    failure. (Mine lasted about 9 years). Keeps corrosive muck out of the core.
    Making sure the evaporator is dry before you turn off the engine (run the
    ventilation with the a/c off for a while) is also good for it.

    Regarding synthetic oil, almost everyone has their own ideas about this.
    But most people would agree that synthetic oils are good. But for an eleven
    year old car I don't think it's justified. The 850 holds 5.5 litres of oil,
    so a change every 8,000km, if within a year, is in my opinion about right,
    but you could probably do more under good driving conditions.

    The Volvo 850 owner's manual suggests 7,500 km or 6 monthly for unfavourable
    conditions and 15,000km or yearly under "normal" conditions. They recommend
    oil + filter changes.

    I've never changed the auto transmission fluid as it's still quit clean
    (145,000km) and "smells" good, but I've thought about it. The transmission
    is still quite smooth.

    I change the engine oil every 9 months. In the last 9 months, I've only
    driven about 5,000km, so I changed the filter too.

    I hope your timing belt has been changed, if not get it done asap. 120,000
    km is the recommended. I also wouldn't have left it 11 years. A broken belt
    almost always causes severe engine damage. I did mine at about 90,000km (6
    years old in 2002).

    Also changing the brake fluid every 2 years is a good idea and is a pretty
    easy diy job.

    Baz, Jul 24, 2007
  7. Chris

    Chris Guest

    Dear Barry

    thanks for the helpful comments. The timing belt was changed at
    90,000km/8years along with water pump - I phoned Scuderia Veloce to
    check. At the same time it had new pads/rotors. I dread to think what
    Volvo charged for that lot.

    I have not checked if it has the pollen filter. If it does not I will
    assume that the evap has never be replaced and will get it done when
    it inevitably fails.

    I had to replace the radiator just after buying the car ($400 fitted)
    but since then have done 5,000km in 4 months without any problem. My
    wife loves it and I must confess that I don't mind driving it either.
    It has 850 turbo 16" wheels and pewter paint and still looks pretty
    good. When I was looking for one to buy I saw plenty with 200,000km
    plus so they obviously last.

    Chris, Jul 25, 2007
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