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Discussion in 'Volvo V70' started by JFGman, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. JFGman

    JFGman Guest

    Hello all, I test drove a 1999 V70 Cross Country over the weekend with
    100k miles on the car. THe car is being sold through a used car
    dealer. The dealer is going to rebuild the transmission before selling
    it because he said that the transmissions start to break down after
    100k miles. I have owned a 2000 S70 for 5 years and I noticed a
    difference in the way this cars transmission sounds. On the Cross
    Country, the transmissions seems to make a louder "vroom" (for lack of
    a better word) sound than the S70 sedan that I have. THe dealer claims
    that the all wheel drive trannies make a louder sound because it is
    doing more work. Does anyone know if this is the case?
    Also the car was started in a chilly New York enviornment. I heard a
    loud sound coming from under the hood. THe dealer said that is common
    in those cars. He claimed that it is a fan that it recycling the heat
    from the exhaust and back to the egine to warm it up. I never heard of
    a car that did this. Does it sound like he is just making up excuses?
    THe guy actually seems like an honest guy and he is going to do a lot
    of work on the car before the sale is final. Besides the noises, the
    car looks and drives great.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    JFGman, Oct 23, 2006
  2. JFGman

    Tim.. Guest

    The transfer box is a very well known weakspot on these cars. I assume it
    was a manual gearbox?

    The manual box itself is strong (but would benefit from fresh oil at this

    The transfer box- which is the only part that fails can have the updated
    pinion and crown gears fitted- it is roughly a 500UKP job (whatever that
    equates to in dollars)

    Yes, the secondary air pump is common to Volvo's and will run for upto about
    a minnute the car is started from cold. It will sound like a small vaccuum

    If it is making alot of noise / shreeking / squealing, then its about to
    fail, and they often do. They fill up with water because of a failed
    checkvalve then seize. The ECU will then put the MIL lamp on and you will
    fail your emissions test.

    If its shreeking but still working then it is fixable, but only if you do it

    Tim.., Oct 23, 2006
  3. JFGman

    JFGman Guest

    Thanks for the detailed response tim. In answer to your first
    question, it is a manual gearbox and the dealer is going to do a lot of
    work on the tranny before the actual sale. In terms of the secondary
    air pump, it was making a bit of a shreeking noise and it didn't stop
    after a minute or so, in fact after the car was completely warmed up,
    the shreeking just got a little less loud. I suppose I should tell him
    to fix that as well.

    JFGman, Oct 23, 2006
  4. JFGman

    Roadie Guest

    Before going too far with this car, have you compared the price to
    local resales as well as Edmunds? Also, does this used car dealer
    have a repair shop that can handle repairs on the awd transmission? If
    he has to "do a lot of work on the car before the deal is final", I
    would be worried unless the price was quite low.

    Finally, since the car is from NY, are there any signs of rusting?
    Roadie, Oct 23, 2006
  5. JFGman

    JFGman Guest

    Well, the price is actually pretty good considering the car is in great
    shape. He is only asking $7,900 for the car. The dealer is also the
    mechanic and he used to work for Volvo for many years as a mechanic.
    The car was imported recently from Canada so it's not technically a New
    York car. I also checked the Carfax history of the car with the dealer
    and it had no major problems in it's history.
    JFGman, Oct 23, 2006
  6. JFGman

    Roadie Guest

    Is this an independent dealer, i.e. one without a sales lot?
    Roadie, Oct 23, 2006

  7. Yes, the air pumps themsevles are pretty expensive from Volvo- Mike F will
    be along shortly to detail the swap and the one-way valve swap soon i am

    Tim \(remove obvious\), Oct 23, 2006
  8. JFGman

    JFGman Guest

    Yes, he's a dealer with a sales lot.

    JFGman, Oct 23, 2006
  9. JFGman

    Roadie Guest

    OK, that sounds a little better. I'm still not getting a very good
    feeling about this car if your statement is true about him "doing a lot
    of work on the car before the sale is final".
    Roadie, Oct 23, 2006
  10. JFGman

    JFGman Guest

    That's my fault, I didn't mean to say that he is doing a lot of work
    becuase it needs it, I only mean that the dealer is going to go through
    the car and get it tip top for the sale. That's what I meant about
    doing a lot of work.
    JFGman, Oct 23, 2006
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