2001 S40 Heater fan came on full speed.

Discussion in 'Volvo S40' started by Ed, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. Ed

    Ed Guest

    Little history:

    2001 s40 Turbo

    Occasonally the fan would go to full speed then back down to what I had
    it set too. This happens maybe a couple times a month other wise the
    system worked fine.


    Temp set to 74, fan at setting 2, no AC, just heat.

    All of a sudden the fan came on full speed and the air from the vents
    got cooler. The fan control
    does not work, but I can shut the fan off. If I turn the heat up higher
    I do get heat, but setting 74 is
    cool now.

    Anyone see this before? How about ideas and component locations?

    Ed, Dec 7, 2006
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